Tips to Write An Amazing Photographer About Me Page

An ‘About Me’ page is as important as the homepage of your website – making it not only crucial to have one but also create one that’s enticing enough to pique your viewer’s curiosity. It is usually the first page that your future and the potential customer goes through. Since this is the page where they first get to know more about you and your brand, the ‘About Me’ page is also a section that will help you create the first impression for any web user. We understand that writing about yourself can be hard, especially when it’s supposed to convey your story, and if you can’t help but wonder where to start, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will take you through some easy steps for creating a photographer’s ‘About Me’ page that will help your brand stand out.

Top Tips For Writing a Photographer ‘About Me’ Page

Infographic stating top tips for writing an about me page

1. Name the Navigation Item

When it comes to naming the navigation item that will lead to your ‘About Me’ page, it is best to keep it as easy to read as possible. Navigation menus help readers navigate from one page to where they intend to go next. And for the ease of navigation, you should aim to keep them simple. After all, you wouldn’t want a person who’s on your site to not be able to find the ‘About Me’ page. It is often named either ‘About’ or ‘Bio’. If you are confused about where to place it – it is usually placed after the ‘Home’ navigation button.

2. Decide the Title of Your Page

If you are thinking about keeping the title of your ‘About Me’ page About Me, then think again. More often than not, people reach your about/bio page by clicking on it through the navigation bar. So they are already aware that they are going to land on a page that will talk about you, your brand, and your goals. Steer away from the usual ways and try being a little creative and, more importantly, personal. Some of the titles you can try – Welcome to, Meet (you and your partner name), About (Your business name), etc. Or introduce an element of your own – anything that makes it more personal and unique to you and your brand.

3. Include a Self-Portrait

No photographer’s ‘About Me’ page is complete without a self-portrait. Every customer wants to see the person behind the camera, so a self-portrait on an introductory web page is of utmost importance. Before being your customers, they are humans. And humans tend to first perceive things through visuals – a good enough reason to add that self-portrait to your bio. However, be mindful of what you share. It is crucial that the photo looks professional. The main purpose of it is to help build trust. Moreover, you can’t convince someone else to let you be their photographer by displaying an amateur, poorly-shot portrait of yourself. Use a good quality camera, pose with a welcoming smile, and this part is pretty much done.

4. Talk in First Person

Infographic stating using first person when writing your about me page keeps things personal

Through your ‘About Me’ page, you want to tell a story that helps your clients feel connected to you. And if your content is written in third person, it won’t create the same impact. So, it is important to articulate everything in a way that makes your reader feel like they are directly talking to you. Whether it’s anecdotes from weddings or you are talking about how you started out in the wedding photography industry, writing in the first person will help you create a deeper impact on your potential clients.

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5. Write A Compelling Introduction

It’s no mystery that people now have a very short attention span, especially when it comes to reading. So, the first few lines of your introduction have to be interesting enough for people to stick around. Apart from keeping them hooked, the intro should also tell them about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your brand. These are some of the basic things that you should not leave your client to be guessing till the end. Another important thing that should be clearly communicated in your intro is your experience and what you can offer your couples.

6. Tell Your Story

Nobody can tell your story better than you. Be the narrator of your story and start creating. Tell them why you do what you do and what got you here. Share your passion for photography and how that articulates into the photos you take. Also add some points about what got you into the current photography style, and what keeps you going. As this could be one of your client’s first ‘interactions’ with you, your story could help them better understand who you are as a human being and as a professional photographer. When told well, sometimes, the story sells itself.

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7. Keep It Short

Infographic stating keep your info short and sweet and include an introductory video

George Orwell, an English novelist, once said, “If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” And we couldn’t agree more! If expressed right, words have a way to help people connect. And more often than not, less is more. While writing your ‘About Me’ page, narrate your story and let your imagination take over. But once you put down the pen (or finish typing your first draft), re-read your content wearing an editor’s hat, and cut out sentences and words that merely act as fillers. The end goal is to create a concise yet impactful introduction that speaks about your style and passion.

8. Add Interview or Introductory Videos

Sometimes telling your story requires more space and visuals. And most times, visual storytelling can be more impactful and interesting. Adding a video/interview introducing your brand, its purpose, the services/products you offer, and everything that went into making it possible is always a plus and will enhance the overall look of your page as well. Even though it’s a great way to keep viewers interested, it is not always necessary to add a video to form an amazing photographer ‘About Me’ page.

9. Keep The Tone Positive

You could be an award-winning photographer or someone who is just starting out – either way, you should focus on highlighting your strengths and what sells for you. Whatever you communicate to your clients and future customers, it is important to keep the tone polite and positive. You don’t want to appear unapproachable, so it’s crucial to write or talk in a way that keeps communication open. You want to appear professional but not closed off. After all, your ‘About Me’ page builds the first impression of you and your brand voice for many of your clients. Even if you are adding something quirky or an element of humor, just double-check the tone. Try not to offend anyone with how and what you choose to communicate.

10. Grammar Check

After you are done, go through the draft once and do a final grammar check. When a potential client is going through a photographer’s ‘About Me’ page, he/she wants to understand whether the site is trustworthy or not. And many things can turn them away and drive them to a competitor’s website. One of those things is content with incorrect grammar usage. Keeping your ‘About Me’ page clear from grammatical errors saves you from losing out on potential customers and helps you establish yourself as someone who knows what they are doing. Language may not be the focus of your career, but presentation is still important for your clients.

11. Curate Images

Infographic stating use images to enhance your about me page

Words can only do so much, so it is also essential to enhance the aesthetic of your ‘About Me’ page. Curate your web page in a way that balances and complements the written blocks and color scheme of your website. Showcase some of your best images and something that acts as a reassurance for the promising words you have added. You can try making a collage of your images or even include a slideshow. Visuals are an integral part of any photographer’s ‘About Me’ page, so much so that without photos, the page can appear incomplete.

12. Call-To-Action Button

Everything that you do to curate your page and even your website is to make it aesthetically pleasing, resonate with your brand, and, most importantly, get more clients. Having a clear call-to-action (CTA) button on your ‘About Me’ page will help you create a gateway for leads. So brainstorm which page you’d want to link to this button. It could either lead to a contact form or directly to your services page. Whatever you choose, we suggest making this CTA button stand out and be easily visible.

13. Add Testimonials

Infographic stating also add testimonials and optimize for best results

Building trust is not only important but also necessary for any brand. And what better way to do that than by showcasing testimonials from previous couples. As a client, it’s only natural to look for reviews and reassurance before trying out anything new. Therefore, displaying testimonials is one of the ways to build trust in potential customers. While doing that, it is also important to keep in mind that the testimonials you are displaying sound legit and are accompanied by the person’s name and profile.

14. Basic Optimization

When it comes to doing the SEO of the ‘About Me’ page, we’d advise you to keep it simple with the meta title usually as “About (brand name)” and meta description with a one-line description.

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Keep At It – It’ll Take Several Edits

Infographic stating update your about me page whenever things change in your life

There are a lot of things that go into writing the perfect ‘About Me’ page. Most of these things include the above-mentioned points. However, there is one thing that can help you really nail that perfect introduction, and that is to edit – rigorously. Remember, it will take several edits and re-edits to finally get that amazing photographer ‘About Me’ page that speaks for itself.

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