Our next partner spotlight shines on Zenfolio, an all-in-one solution for photographers to display, share, and sell their work online. We spoke with Brittany Nelson, a valued member of the Zenfolio team, to learn more about the company.

How did Zenfolio begin?

“Our about page says it best: began in the cradle of so many great ideas: a coffee shop. Four friends with a passion for photography, a shared background in technology, and complementary skills had a goal. They wanted to create an all-in-one Web solution for photographers—both amateur and professional—to organize, display, and sell their images with uncompromising quality.”

How does Zenfolio work with ShootDotEdit?

“ShootDotEdit will cull, color correct, and then upload a completed job to a photographer’s Zenfolio account. This takes away one additional step for the photographer and cuts down on the time it takes to get the event online and published.”

What is your favorite part of your partnership with ShootDotEdit?

“I love that the partnership between Zenfolio and ShootDotEdit takes away pain points for photographers and makes it easier for them to edit and upload their weddings after they are shot. Using ShootDotEdit is a great way for photographers to partner with a Specialist in post-processing and save themselves a huge amount of time in not only editing but also posting the wedding.”

What is your favorite part of working with photographers?

“They are creative, artistic, and really great people.”

What do you wish photographers knew better about Zenfolio?

“Zenfolio caters to every type of photographer, not just professional. That’s why we have several plans: basic and unlimited to those who do photography more as a hobby, and then Premium and Premium Business plans for those who are looking to sell their work. We also have a high-volume plan for businesses that have lots of clients, such as photo studios, schools, sports photography, and more.

Also, our support team is fantastic. They are available seven days a week, 365 days a year and are here to answer all of our users’ questions or for people who are thinking about joining Zenfolio. Our support team consists mostly of enthusiast and professional photographers (wedding, landscape, editorial, etc.), so they know exactly what photographers need.”

Describe a day in the life at Zenfolio…

“Drink coffee, eat onions, and drink lots of coconut water. Oh, and get daily delicious lunches delivered from

The ongoing (funny) story at Zenfolio is the office is split on onions. Half of them love it, half hate it. It started with one of the founders being highly sensitive to onions (aka repulsed), so it is now an initiation if you will to ask new hires what their stance on onions is and to share an embarrassing story of course.”

If you could be any piece of camera equipment, what would it be and why?

“A telephoto lens so I can see far into the distance, in focus.”

Thank you, Brittany, for taking the time to talk with us! Learn More about ShootDotEdit’s Integrated Partnership with Zenfolio!

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