ShootDotEdit is proud to partner with some of the amazing leaders in the photography industry. This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on Pictage, our all-in-one post-shoot partner company. We spoke with Natalie Hunter, the marketing coordinator, to help us explain why Pictage is so unique.

Making Photographer’s Lives Easier

Pictage was built to make photographer’s lives easier from the very beginning. When they first started, this meant digitizing a bucket of film in a garage. They have grown to have the ability to handle everything post-shoot. From email marketing to publicizing an event to printing an album. They even offer full customer service and print fulfillment to a photographer’s clients. In addition to all of this, they have a beautiful client proofing interface that is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest technology.

Since Pictage’s goal is to offer everything a photographer would need post shoot, they wanted to include post-processing services, but they also knew that ShootDotEdit does it best. So Pictage gives their members the option to send images to ShootDotEdit. Once the color correction is complete, ShootDotEdit uploads the files directly back into the photographer’s unique Pictage gallery. It fits in perfectly with ShootDotEdit’s “Fast is Best” motto and ends up saving Pictage members time!

We asked Natalie what her favorite part of the partnership with us was and she replied:

“Great things happen when “Fast is Best” is partnered with our mission to help photographers so they can focus on shooting. By having SDE send images directly to Pictage, photographers save a download and upload, which could potentially mean saving a whole extra day in their workflow! This just makes sense and also makes them look like the hero to their clients (who are probably checking their phones and emails every five minutes waiting for that announcement).”

What is your favorite part of working with photographers?

“Photographers are truly inspiring people, not only because the work they produce helps to make the world a more beautiful place, but because they can perfectly capture a feeling-a moment in time-that means the world to someone.”

More than just a company, They are community

Pictage also prides themselves on building and supporting photography communities around the country. Through their network of PUG (Pictage User Groups) Meetings, they offer a space for photographers to get together and build networks of support. Meetings are supported by Pictage and run by local photographers. They feature topics relevant to what’s going on in the industry.

What would you like photographers to know about Pictage?

“Mainly that there is so much more Pictage offers than simply being a proofing site for clients. Not only do we have a great product line of albums, cards, wall art and even calendars, but we also have an amazing community of photographers that meet around the nation for monthly meetings (face-to-face, I know!) simply to discuss the latest trends and concerns that many professional photographers share. When someone signs up for Pictage, we’re here to help photographers grow, learn and thrive.”

Describe a day in the life at Pictage…

“Pictage handles every aspect of a photographer’s business beyond the shoot, and we have dozens of people dedicated to every aspect of this work. All day long, our software engineers improve the photo gallery website and add new features. Our album designers and retouchers make photos and layouts look their best. Our professional print lab and album-binding team crank out high-quality products while our quality-assurance staff reviews everything to ensure excellence. Our shipping department packs and ships orders to clients across the globe, while our customer-support staff takes phone calls and answers questions from photographers, clients, and guests. It’s a busy office, but we love the work we do!”

Natalie, thank you for taking the time to share with us why Pictage is so special. We couldn’t agree more!


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