Outdoor Wedding Photos Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers
Planning to take outdoor wedding photos during your next assignment? If yes, then we’d suggest that you pay extra attention to your lighting! Outdoor wedding photography can be a great way to create stunning images for your couples and your portfolio too. You can play with beautiful backgrounds, different elements of nature, and wide, open spaces. You could also include some props (think umbrellas in case of rainy days). But as nice as they look, taking photographs outside can also be challenging. Whether it’s unpredictable weather or unbalanced lighting, you will need to be prepared for anything when you decide to take your couples outdoors. However, some pros know what it takes to get those breathtaking outdoor photos. This blog brings you images from talented wedding photographers and ShootDotEdit customers who aced the outdoor wedding game by capturing gorgeous images. So if you are in the mood to get inspired, you have come to the right place!

1. Love by Joe Mac

A couple holding each other and looking into each other's eyes while the snow falls around them
Image Credit @lovebyjoemac

Taking photographs while it snows outside can result in some pretty amazing images! We love seeing photographers work with nature and ShootDotEdit Customer Joe McFetridge definitely knows how to get his couples to do the same. To see more of Joe’s work, you can either check out his website or go to his Facebook.

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2. Amy Bennett Photography

A couple in their wedding outfit release a sky lantern in the beautiful night sky
Image Credit @amybennettphoto

This beautiful image by Amy Bennett is for the ones seeking inspiration for outdoor night wedding photography. It is such a simple yet creative image where Amy used the lantern lights to create a dreamy effect. The lit lanterns in the sky almost look like bokeh in the backdrop of this stunning couple portrait. To see more outdoor wedding photos, you can take a look at Amy’s Facebook Page and website.

3. Photography by Orlando

Outdoor wedding photo of a bride and groom holding hands outside a rustic old school building Image Credit @photography_by_orlando

Through this photograph, ShootDotEdit customer Orlando Oliveira proves that location scouting is an important part of a photo shoot. Old brick lanes, sweeping architecture, or rustic, old-school buildings (like the one in this image above) can make for great backdrops! A little bit of location research or a visit to the venue before the session can go a long way. For more inspiration from Orlando, you can look up his website and Instagram handle.

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4. Trevor Hooper Photography

A happy married couple walks down the aisle together
Image Credit @trevorhooperphoto

This image by Trevor is a lively, cute, and romantic shot from an outdoor ceremony. The mountains and the decor make for beautiful additions to this composition too. If you find yourself running for shelter when the weather decides to change, this photograph is a perfect new strategy to adopt. Whether it rains or snows – find that perfect candid moment! Trevor is an expert in outdoor wedding photography. You can also check out his Instagram to see how he experiments with outdoor wedding photos.

5. Jelger and Tanja Photography

Silhouette of a couple surrounded by trees and the sun shining down on them
Image Credit @jelgerandtanja

When it comes to creating silhouettes with natural lighting, this photo by Jelger and Tanja is a classic example. Whether it’s a posed photo or the couple was just in the middle of a conversation – it’s just a beautiful image that perfectly makes use of the trees in the background and that golden hour that all photographers wait for. Jelger and Tanja have years of experience in outdoor wedding photography. Their website can be a great source for creative ideas and inspiration.

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6. Lovers of Love — Photography by Dana & Nate

Bride and groom standing in a botanical space while facing each other
Image Credit @loversoflove

We are in love with this photograph! The groom’s suit adds the perfect pop of color in this image by ShootDotEdit customer Lovers of Love. The subtle yet warm tone in this photograph is giving us all the summer wedding feels. Moreover, the muted pink hues of the flowers perfectly complement the green of the leaves. To learn more from Dana and Nate of Lovers of Love, you can go through their Facebook page and website.

Top 5 Tips for Outdoor Wedding Photography

If you are feeling inspired by the outdoor wedding photos you just saw, here are some tips that you should keep in mind the next time you plan an outdoor wedding photography session.

  1. Carry a bug spray. Some outdoor locations, especially those in forests or near beaches, can have bugs, worms, or mosquitoes.
  2. Scout the location in advance. This will give you a fair idea about the spots that would be great for couple portraits.
  3. Make sure you have permits or required permissions if you are going to shoot on private land.
  4. Check the weather, and in case you are planning your session around the sunset or sunrise, stay updated with their timings.
  5. Be a responsible citizen and leave no trash behind.

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As a wedding photographer, there is so much you can do to make your couples’ big day a memorable one, not just for a day but for years to come. And taking some gorgeous and fun outdoor wedding photos can give them memories for years to come. Plus, like the ones we shared in this blog, outdoor wedding photos make for gorgeous additions to your shot list – even when the weather decides to change last minute. Next time you plan an outdoor wedding photography session, make sure you discuss it with your couple in advance. If they have any specific requirements from the shoot, discussing them earlier can help you plan better.

At ShootDotEdit, besides sharing tips and tricks that will help you hone your wedding photography skills, we also offer professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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