Late last year, we realized that we needed to be providing Album Design to all of our photographers. The natural progression of post production takes you straight from image editing to album design. And, we wanted to continue to remove the pain caused by post production! So, in March we launched our Album Design service.

BUT …. How do we showcase your album designs? Sure, we send you the .pdf files. Or, we could create some preview software that would get the job done. But all of this seemed ridiculous …. We wanted to just partner with the best. And we’ve done it.

Announcing our partnership and integration with Album Exposure! Known for their simple and elegant album proofing system, our partnership allows you to not only get a great album design, but elegant proofing straight to your client. With Album Exposure, you can take a ShootDotEdit album design, and preview it straight to your client. Any and all changes they request are seen in real time by both you and ShootDotEdit, and changes are quick and easy! Because of this partnership, you’ll have the opportunity to proof 2 Designs with Album Exposure for absolutely FREE!

So how about giving it a try? Through the end of the week, we’re offering 30% OFF album design services! Just use code: AEandSDE

To learn more about the partnership and the details behind how this partnership will powerfully effect your business and workflow, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Album Exposure, CLICK HERE

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