As a wedding photographer, understanding lighting is a crucial part of your role. Every shoot will have different scenarios, with various lighting for you to work with. Without the ability to accurately identify and use proper lighting in your shoots, you risk the overall quality of your imagery. How can you comfortably work with lighting to create photos your clients will love (and ones which will share your overall brand message)?

In our free Online Training: The Keys to Lighting in Any Situation, wedding photographer and lighting pro, Roberto Valenzuela, will share the keys to lighting in any situation. He will help you gain confidence to use lighting to your advantage to develop the best images for your wedding clients.

Wednesday, November 9th
10am PST – 11am PST



Image Compliments of Roberto Valenzuela

Throughout the training, Roberto will also share how to:

Identify and manipulate available light during every shoot
– Overcome lighting challenges to create imagery clients will love
Simplify the science behind lighting to confidently use it during every shoot
– Recognize 10 types of circumstantial light and how to use them to your advantage

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