After you book a couple, shoot their wedding, and deliver their images, what do you want them to remember about you? Every photographer will have a different answer, but one thing is for sure – the more memorable and positive the experience, the higher chance you have to receive referrals from your couple. Referrals are key to helping you book more weddings this year and increase the profit for your business.

So, what can you do today for every couple to ensure they have an experience they want to share with others? Take a look below, where we share how you can take charge of what your clients remember about you after the wedding day. Plus, we share a few insights from pro photographers on the one thing they want their clients to remember about them.

Eliminate Their Concerns

With every decision they need to make, planning the wedding day can be overwhelming and stressful for your couple. Make it a positive experience they will want to share when you eliminate any concerns they have about the images they desire. Build trust with them through your expertise as a wedding photographer, so they know you will have everything under control. When you eliminate their concerns, they will have one less thing to worry about during their big day.


Denver photographer, Kellie Coughlin, wants her couples to remember her “as little as possible” from the wedding day. This ensures they focus on one another and know that Kellie will capture every important moment for them, which is what they can share about her to others.

“I want them to remember how incognito I was. I want them to have all trust in me, and know they saw me shooting the moments they wanted captured, without having to worry.” – Kellie Coughlin

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Provide an Experience

So often, wedding photographers discuss the difficulties they have with seeming like a salesperson when they work with clients and discuss prices, products, and more. One way to have your clients remember you, and refer you, is to provide them with an overall experience. This means you connect with them from the beginning based on your commonalities and make it about what you can do for them. After all, you are documenting a special moment for them.

Sara France of France Photographers wants her clients to think back to their wedding day, and images, and remember how they felt.

“I want to remember how they felt rather than how we made them feel. It’s important that they enjoyed their experience, wedding day, and images. It’s also important that they felt like everything was easy and allowed them to focus on each other and the wedding, and the experience of getting married.” – Sara France

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Set Clear Expectations

Before your clients meet with you, they likely have an impression of you from your website, blog, or social media. On each of these platforms, you must set expectations for the experience you provide. When you set expectations for your couple, you build trust with them and eliminate any concerns they may have. Once you set expectations with clients, you can overdeliver on them. The efforts you took to go above and beyond will encourage them to share about you with others.

San Diego, California wedding photographer, Jennifer Sperling, sets expectations with her couples (and over-delivers) to ensure they have a stress-free day that allows them to enjoy themselves.

“I want them to remember me because I try and make everything very easy. I let them know they just need to show up, and I’ll take care of them. I tell them not to worry, because I set my expectations for myself so high. It allows them to trust me and love me.” – Jennifer Sperling

BONUS: Create Images They Love

When a couple chooses you as their photographer, they entrust you to capture the important moments from their wedding day. Your job is to create images they love and deliver them in a timely fashion, so they will be excited to share with their loved ones. Also, the images you create should relate back to your brand and style, especially since those are the expectations you set from the beginning. After your images return from a wedding photo editing company, and they are consistent and represent your unique photography style, deliver them to your clients. They will be happy to see the photos and will be more likely to talk about how great they are (and how quickly you sent them!).

When you provide your couples with a memorable experience, they will be more likely to refer you. The more referrals you receive, the more bookings you add to your calendar each year. What are other ways to help you book more weddings for your photography business? Download our free Guide to Marketing, where pro photographers share the strategies that work best for them!

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