Alright…, it’s time to showcase one of our many uber talented customers, Amy DeYoung. She is a stellar photographer with accolades ta’ boot! But, don’t let all the ‘Features’ and ‘Covers’ from top industry magazines fool you. If anyone ‘really’ knows photographers after all the smoke and mirrors subsided, we do. And, Amy is a ‘what you see, is what you get’ kind of girl.

Amy is married to her best friend Paul and resides in San Antonio, TX with her son and 2 dogs. She is passionate about capturing real moments. And so, it’s probably safe to say that being a professional photographer was not chosen by her, but rather received as a divine gift and then fanned into flames by her well suited passion. It is ‘behind the lense’ that she finds her inspiration. And, with her pursuit to create timeless works of art, she finds inspiration in the nuances that happen with people in real moments (ie. a blushing bride, a newborn baby, a family strolling through the park, a child full of innocence, or a man winking at the woman he loves, etc.).

Also, ShootDotEdit applauds Amy for taking steps to set herself and her brand apart. Recently, she launched her brand new website that incorporates ‘Fusion’ and also incorporates the fantastic product by David Jay, Show It Sites. Amy, very well done 🙂

If you would like to check out Amy’s work, CLICK HERE. In the meanwhile, here are a few clips from her work we thought we would share! Oh, Amy, you rock. Keep up the good work!!!

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