When we first opened the ShootDotEdit doors in 2007 (5 years ago), we were on the cutting edge of the professional wedding photo editing industry by completing and returning every event within 8-10 business days. Our professional wedding photographers were jumping up and down, knowing that they would be getting an entire wedding edit returned in that amount of time. Yep, you read that correctly! Under 2 weeks, and happy, happy, happy!

Boy-oh-boy, things have changed! Photography technology has changed. Wedding pro demands have changed. Especially when it relates to turnaround times for their brides. Wedding pros are now experiencing the pressure and expectation of returning images to their couples FAST! And that brings us to today’s long-awaited announcement.

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Introducing the arrival of our new standard turnaround: as fast as 48 HOURS!!! Now, our “eyes-on-hands-on” custom color correction is returned fast, fast, fast!!! Faster turnaround makes for happier clients. Happier clients spend more money. And faster turnaround equals more profit. FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster than ShootDotEdit.

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ShootDotEdit is the first choice post processing partner for over 5,000 professional wedding photographers, spanning 40 countries. With determination to best serve the wedding pro, we are inventing proprietary products like the interactive Color Wizard and DotPreview. And now, with the addition of our as fast as 48 HOUR turnaround, you can be sure that as the demands of your photography business speed up, we’ll be fast enough to support you.

ShootDotEdit is the new standard. Turnaround as fast as 48 HOURS. FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster.

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