The business of wedding photography is not getting any easier. With how quickly technology is evolving and the affordability of top-notch cameras, it is simple for anyone to pick up a camera and become a “photographer.” In conjunction with social media, new photographers are able to post to Facebook and Instagram and gain new followers with the click of a button. With the ease of becoming a wedding photographer, what can you do to set your business apart and make it stand out?

As a wedding photographer, you want to attract your ideal couple, and Content Marketing is the key to your success. With Content Marketing, you can use your library of images to create a unique and optimized marketing plan for your business. Learning effective ways to use Content Marketing in your business will allow you to grow your business and connect with more of your ideal clients. It is vital to the success of your business and because of this, we’ve put together 3 new marketing techniques for the 2015 photographer.

1. Generate Content that builds trust and value

For you to have an effective Content Marketing plan, it is imperative that you create content that is specifically tailored for your target audience that helps you build trust. Once trust is established, you can work on converting that trust into loyalty and life-long clients. Content Marketing allows you to build content that is relevant, useful, and helpful to your potential clients. When you offer them valuable content, you begin to build the relationship that leads to trust.

One way to develop valuable content is to figure out how you can solve problems that your clients and potential clients may have during the wedding planning process. Be a hero by generating content that answers their questions before they even consider asking them! From the engagement shoot to the details of the ceremony, the bride and groom are eager to learn from you and the insights you have about the entire process. You are the wedding expert, and just as you may trust a photography editing service with color correcting your images, your clients trust you in all things wedding based!

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You already have the images and the expert knowledge, and all you need to do is package it and share it with them. The content can be presented to them in several different forms – from a guide to a newsletter to a blog post. Remember, you are connecting with your clients at a time when they need help, so the important thing is to deliver the content to them! The trust that you build early on translates to a more impactful relationship, and one that increases your likelihood of booking them.

2. Create evergreen content

In addition to creating valuable content that can help convert potential clients into customers, you want to work on creating pieces that can live on and are timeless – you need evergreen content! As a wedding photographer, your content should be able to last longer than one booking season, and it needs to continuously provide value to the reader, regardless of how long ago it was written.

Along with being timeless, evergreen content should be very detailed and optimized with several keywords, allowing it to rank high in search engines. Do some research to determine some keywords that your brides typically use to search for wedding photographers, and be sure to include these in your content. As couples read through your evergreen content on a specific topic, you want them to have a full understanding of that topic and not feel the need to do additional research on the topic. If this happens, not only do you have quality content, but you have also built trust in the couple!

3. Allow for social sharing

As you develop content that is evergreen and helps to establish trust in you and your brand, it is time to share it in the social media world! With social media, you have the advantage to post both images and written content. Even if you are still working on developing strong evergreen content, you have no shortage of stellar wedding images to post that reflect your brand. The more powerful and intriguing images you share either through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, the more likely you are to catch the attention of potential clients and get them to follow you. Create a schedule that contains what, when, and at what time you will post new content to the social media sites you use. By having a consistent posting schedule, it is another way for you to establish trust with your followers.

Tip: On your social platforms, encourage people to share your content! For example, in your next Facebook post, add in a line for your followers to like and share your content, as well as leave a comment. This can help increase the traction on your post, allowing it to get in front of more viewers.

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It is imperative that you take action and create a strong marketing plan in order for your business to grow and scale. By creating compelling content that can live on for years to come, you will build trust in your clients and allow people to develop strong connections with you. To find out more about why Content Marketing is perfect for photographers, download our free guide, Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers!


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