Our Online Training is over, but great news – we’ve published a recap of it on our blog for you to access. Throughout the blog post, we share Natalie’s favorite scheduling platform, the types of posts she uses to connect with her audience, how to maximize Instagram Stories, and more! Read through the post and gain more of Natalie’s insights here!

Natalie Franke is a fellow wedding pro, founder of The Rising Tide Society, and Head of Community at HoneyBook. On Wednesday, June 28th at 10am PDT, she will provide you with an exclusive walk-through of her Instagram account. Natalie will also share the strategies that took her from 0 to over 120,000 followers, what she looks for and thinks about when it comes to curation, how to work with the algorithm, a look into the best software to use, and the ways it all directly benefits her business.

And trust us, this is no ordinary Online Training. Natalie isn’t going to share a few bland tips to help you get more likes and comments. She’s going to walk you through how to actually succeed, and wait for it… make money on Instagram and grow your business!

Instagram Strategies for Wedding Photographers

Image Compliments of Natalie Franke

Throughout our interactive Online Training, supported by The Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook, Natalie will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at her Instagram, and how you can use her strategies for your business account. You will see her:

– Latest discoveries for innovative ways to build your business (and relationships!)
– Methods to leverage Instagram Stories and the apps to use to make an impact
– Instagram content calendar and how she uses it to make scheduling decisions that help her meet her revenue goal

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