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Running a successful wedding photography business involves marketing and promoting your services to get more clients. Love it or hate it, your photography Facebook page is an important element to use in a well-thought-out marketing plan. Facebook for photographers is an ideal way to attract potential clients and make connections with them.

Photography Facebook Page

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide photo editing services for professional wedding photographers. We also love to share valuable tips and tricks on topics that help you grow your photography business. And because it can be so powerful, there are many documented ways for using Facebook for your business, and we have 5 ways that will maximize your Facebook experience as a wedding photographer.

1. Pay to Promote Content

Facebook used to allow you to post a status or an image to your business page, and you would know that most, if not all, of your followers would see it. Unfortunately, Facebook is now restricting that ability, what they call organic reach. There are some ways to work around those restrictions and reach more people, including tagging your clients and sharing your business content on your personal page. The only true way to ensure that you reach your known fans (and beyond) is to pay per post.

Fortunately, it can be cheaper than expected. If you have 100 fans, you can pay $30 per month to reach as high as a couple thousand people, and if you have closer to 1,000 fans, you can pay $5 per day to reach an even higher number. When you pay to promote your content, you have the ability to target your ideal Facebook user, choosing between age, gender, interests, and locale, which allows you to reach more than just your initial fan base.

Rather than paying for every post on your Facebook photography page, choose specific content that links a reader back to your website or blog to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and get the most out of your marketing dollar. Try a few combinations of paid posts and targeted reach and settle on an approximate equation that drives the most traffic back to your site (which you can track through Google Analytics). Then, make paying for a few targeted posts a monthly expense as part of your overall marketing budget.

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2. Post Photos in the Right Size

You might be wondering what to post on Facebook for business. Posting photos can be a very effective way to use Facebook, especially for photographers. Posting a photo or gallery in conjunction with a link to your site or a blog post can be doubly effective, especially as photo posts get 39% more interaction.

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It’s equally important to make sure you are posting the right size and resolution for where and why you are uploading the pictures. Of course, Facebook is always changing its layout and therefore the image sizes, so it’s important to keep an eye out for updates. Here is a great reference guide for image sizes.

3. Star or Hide Posts

Facebook may feel like a box that you live in with no control over design or layout, and for the most part, that is true. You can modify your business page to moderate your posts by starring or hiding them. Starring puts a priority on posts and keeps them at the top of your page while hiding posts will hide them without deleting them. This can be a great way to manage how your page looks when potential clients visit.

For example, did you post two family shoots and one wedding in a row, but your marketing focus is promoting your wedding booking? You can hide one of the family shoots and star the wedding. The starred wedding will be featured more prominently, and the family shoot will no longer be seen on your main business page. This is a way to create some hierarchy on Facebook the way you can with other traditional marketing tools.

4. Use Strategies to Get Comments

Engaging your readers will elicit more responses. Posts with emoticons get more comments and more likes (emoticons are those smiley faces and other various little graphics). Hubspot’s Infographic shows that statuses with questions get 100% more comments. The downside is that these comments may get less shares than a status with a picture, though when these posts are added in with your other content, they can be great ways to get readers engaged and talking to you.

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5. Add Milestones to Your Page

Facebook has given business pages the option to add milestones. On your personal page, milestones are location and date specific statuses that live under Life Events in your About section. On your business page, they can be useful tools to share your business milestones with your fans. Examples can include 5 years in business or 1000 likes. Since the milestone feature is not an official status, it is not subject (as of yet) to the same status update rules for showing up on your fans’ news feeds. It is an alternative way to celebrate important points in your business and garner new likes for other content, as well as a way to show your accolades in an additional space to your business main page.

While all these tips will help you to grow your photography business on Facebook, the best thing you can do is to create and share content on your business page on a regular basis. Share links to your blog posts and promote them, create photo albums and tag clients, and share other relevant content on topics that you find interesting. The more content you have, the more people will see. When you spend your time maximizing Facebook as a photographer, you can continue to expand the number of ideal clients you reach.

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