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Featuring Tiffany Williams on ShootDotEdit feature on social media presence

Canceling her Wedding Wire account and choosing not to do any bridal fairs was a drastic and risky move for Montana-based wedding photographer, Tiffany Williams. She called it a tenuous time as she shifted her entire marketing plan and budget toward self-promotion on social media.

“I was hitting social media really hard and I was starting to connect with more people on Instagram.” Tiffany says the web-based client subscription sites served her well for many years, but it was time to lean into attracting clients based on who she is as a person. “I really wanted to connect with people at a heart level.”

Honest & Genuine Social Media Presence

Even if it meant getting fewer clients, Tiffany would rather attract people she valued and would want to stay in touch with after the wedding than work with clients she didn’t vibe with.

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“When I’m connecting with someone on social media, it tends to be somebody who is attracted to the things I write about and the things I photograph that are based on my values.” Without any other marketing in place, Tiffany knew she needed to dedicate more time to growing her business and establishing her brand–time that is hard to come by as a full-time photographer, wife, and mother of two.

“I could be spending 6 hours sitting behind a computer after a wedding just pressing buttons, but from a business perspective, I would prefer to be spending that time marketing myself so that I continue getting work.” As a ShootDotEdit customer, Tiffany says not worrying about editing frees her up to do a different kind of clicking. “I can still sit behind a computer and click, but I can do it to connect with clients through social media.”

Authenticity is incredibly important to Tiffany. That’s why she shares so much of her personal life on social media. She wants potential clients to really get to know her. Social media affords photographers the ability to be genuine and let people into their lives in a way that traditional marketing never could. And, Tiffany has a life that is certainly worth peeking into.

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Making Time for Personal & Creative Growth | Tiffany Photography

When she’s not enjoying the beautiful outdoors with her family in Montana, Tiffany takes on personal projects which help her grow creatively and push her boundaries.

Last year, the wedding and portrait photographer shot her first birth, but it was no ordinary delivery room experience. Tiffany’s friend had decided to be a surrogate for a gay couple in another country. “I had never done anything like that before. I was there and I captured this beautiful moment when the baby came out and the doctor was holding it up. The dads were crying and it was so powerful.” Tiffany got emotional as she went into detail about the experience. “It meant so much to them to have those photos. And it meant so much to me to be able to be there and witness it.”

Special moments like that remind Tiffany why she does this for a living. But she cautions other photographers to be careful about putting too much focus on money. “I think the worst thing we can do is pick up a camera because somebody is paying us. That’s not what it’s about.”

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To see more of the amazing work Tiffany does, check out her Instagram @tiffanyphotographymtdotcom to see how this Montana-based professional wedding photographer really stands out!

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