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Coming up with an achievable goal is not always easy. That’s why creating a plan for short term business goals and long term business goals is essential. To set your business up for success and achieve the most you possibly can, you need a system in place.

Long and Short Term Business Goals

Here at ShootDotEdit, our mission is to empower the success of the professional wedding photographer. We do that by taking wedding editing off your plate. We also gather valuable information about topics that are most important to your wedding photography business. Today, we are diving into details about the SMART system. The SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time-Setting) is designed to help you determine your goals and guide you to consistent success.

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Whether you are just starting your photography business or have been active for years, we put together the 5 step process of the SMART system that will assist you in setting an achievable goal.

1. Specific

Long term goals for a business and short term goals for a business need to have clear metrics to help you determine what you want to accomplish. Add numerical and precise values to your goal so you can visually chart your progress as well as your success. Rather than saying, “I want to shoot a lot of weddings this year,” add a defined number to that goal. Long term business goals examples would be “I want to shoot 25 weddings this year” or “I want to shoot 30 weddings this year.” This metric allows you to chart your progress. By keeping track of your progress, you can stay focused on your goal.

2. Measurable

Metrics help you keep track of your goal, and they must be measurable. With metrics, you have the ability to chart and track your goal to help you stay focused. This also allows you to see if something is not working and gives you the opportunity to change directions or strategies. Short term business goals examples use metrics that are quantifiable, such as percentages or exact numerical values are essential for attaining your goal. The metrics for the short term business goals help you to get closer to your long term business goals.

3. Action-Oriented

While metrics play in as the details of your plan, your next step is to determine how to take action on the metrics. The more you take action, the closer you get to your goal. If your long term business goals include booking 20 weddings, create a detailed plan as to how you plan to do that.

Maybe it involves outsourcing your photo editing so you have more time to network with vendors or adding an associate photographer to your brand. As you execute on these actions, always look for ways to improve or modify them to better set your business up for success.

4. Realistic

Setting ambitious metrics is fine. When metrics are too high or too low, a goal can become meaningless. Realistically determine where you are currently and where you want to go. Always keep things in perspective and make sure to have a plan.

5. Time-Setting

Your most valuable asset when running your business is time. It is the motivation behind your metrics and why you must take action. Develop a sense of urgency to get things done, and keep a schedule or a to-do list. Don’t let distractions get in the way of your long and short term business goals and metrics. To plan for success, place time increments (yearly, quarterly, monthly, even weekly) to keep track of your progress.

With the SMART system in place, achieving long term goals for a business (and on the way, achieving short term goals for a business) becomes much more attainable. Once you master this system, you will have an unshakeable sense of focus. Most importantly, you will experience exponential growth in your wedding photography business. You’ll find yourself completing your tasks, racking up on accomplishments, and achieving your goals faster than you’ve ever imagined.

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