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Being a wedding photographer, social media, and especially Instagram marketing, should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. And one of the most valuable features you can use is Instagram Stories, which is also a quick way to connect with your followers and let them explore and learn more about your brand and services. Today, anyone on Instagram can add links to their Stories, regardless of follower count or verifications status. In this blog, we are going to discuss and offer Instagram business account tips and tricks for using the Stories feature to engage your followers, attract more potential customers, and drive traffic to your website and other social media channels.

Instagram Business Account Tips

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After creating an Instagram business account, create a plan on how you want to showcase your brand and services. The content you share through your business account helps you engage and connect with your followers, including existing clients, vendors, industry peers, and potential new clients. And with the ability to add links to your Instagram Stories, you can direct your followers to interact with your business on other social channels as well.

Using Stories, you can showcase your unique wedding photographs and videos in several ways, including sharing photography session highlights, posting teasers for upcoming posts, or linking content to other social media channels. Go through the following steps to learn how to add links to your Instagram Stories.:

1. Prep a Photo Or Video

Before you can add links, follow the same process you usually do when curating any Story. For example, if your goal is to share your latest wedding shoot and drive traffic to your blog, start by selecting the best image from the shoot. Remember, you can upload multiple photos to tell a story, so select as many as you think will be necessary for better story-telling.

When you prepare to share images and videos in advance, you can create different strategies to make the best use of the Stories using Instagram business account tips. If your goal is to post a video that teases an upcoming promotion or product launch on your Instagram business account, consider sharing it through your Story. A part of learning how to use Instagram business account is ensuring that you monitor your story performances periodically using Instagram Story Analytics to measure the most important Instagram metrics and take steps to improve your marketing strategy accordingly. 

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2. Add Text Or Stickers

Once you establish your goal and prep the images you want to use for your Story, upload the first photo. Before you add a link to it, insert text and stickers as needed. Instagram allows you to add texts to your images and videos, so if you want to share a message/announcement along with your Story, do it in an attention-grabbing way.

You can also add stickers to your images to make your Story more engaging. Some available stickers share your location (geotags), and others allow you to incorporate a hashtag. Instagram marketing tips like adding geotags and hashtags are an essential part of your content marketing plan on the platform, so those are the elements you want to add to your Stories to increase interaction.

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3. Use a Strong Call-to-action

The key to learning how to improve your Instagram business account is to use the right Instagram business account tips. If you want your followers to take any kind of action through your Stories, then make sure you use a strong call-to-action with the text or stickers you incorporate into your images and videos. This is especially important when you want to drive traffic to a specific link. 

Your call-to-action depends primarily on your pre-planned goal, revolving around what you want your followers to do. If you want to direct your viewers to your blog or your latest wedding shoot, the text you include should tell them exactly what to do. Use text such as "Swipe up" or "See more" to guide your viewers to your intended destination. The same can be applied to promotions, product launches, or contests. Use compelling text to excite your followers and encourage them to click on your shared link. Be sure to make it as easy as possible for them to take action desired on your Stories.

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4. Add A Link

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Learning how to make an Instagram business account work for your business can do wonders when it comes to increasing organic traffic, followers, and engagement. After you customize the photo or video for your Instagram Story, click the link button at the top and add the URL you want to direct your followers to. When you choose the link for your Story, keep the experience you want your followers to have with your brand in mind. Everything you encourage them to do should be simple and allow them to have a positive, engaging experience with your brand. 

  • For example, if you’re sharing your best bridal portrait photography tips, the link should lead your viewer directly to the blog that shares this information in detail. This helps them have a memorable and positive experience with you, which helps build trust.

  • For your recent blog post, include the specific URL so followers can click and see the rest of your images. 

  • When you share information about a promotion or product launch, add the URL to your landing page where they can learn more about it. 

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As you create your Instagram business profile buzz with Stories, make sure you add links to further your followers’ journey with you. Keeping your content quality rich and posting consistently is an essential step in marketing your brand on social media, where your followers eventually get into the habit of looking out for informative and engaging content from your end. And since Instagram allows everyone to add links to Stories, irrespective of their follower count and personal/business account, as a wedding photographer, the sky's the limit to get creative in utilizing the best of the Stories feature to promote your wedding photography brand. 

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