Did you know that when you post an image to Facebook, it will receive more likes and 104% more comments than just posting a status update without an image? With percentages like that, how could you NOT want to post more photos online? In fact, social media’s most valuable currency is images, which places wedding photographers at an advantage since you shoot new photos on the regular!

As easy as it is to post images on social media, it is no longer enough to just post whenever you feel like it – you need a strategy when it comes to sharing your photos! When you create a strategic approach for posts on social media, you allow yourself to stand out from your competitors. By knowing the best times to share images, how many images to post, and the proper way to tag clients in photos, you will be at an advantage and can gain maximum exposure.

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So how do you stand out from the crowd and use social media to your advantage? We’ve gathered 4 techniques to sharing on social media that you need as a professional wedding photographer. To share these 4 tips, we’ve created an infographic for your viewing pleasure! We cover tagging people, the best times to post, as well as statistics and data for each section. Take a look below!


Take the time to share this infographic within your photography communities! Knowledge is power, and we encourage you to share these tips and tricks with others!

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