Indoor Wedding Photography Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers
Whether your couples choose an indoor wedding venue or the weather conditions force you to photograph indoors, knowing how to turn any scene into an equally compelling photograph always pays off. However, the rules and requirements that work for outdoor weddings don’t always apply to indoor wedding photography. The reason? There are plenty. The biggest being the presence of light. Whether to perceive it as a challenge or a creative opportunity? We will leave that for you to decide! For now, follow this blog for some indoor wedding photography inspiration and a better understanding of the skill, the scene, and the setting. 

Indoor Wedding Photography

A bride and groom kissing at the corner of a stairway as the guests are captured in a blur as they walk around
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @iqphoto

As a wedding photographer, you don’t always have a say when it comes to deciding on the venue. All you can do is pick up your camera, make sure you are present, and do justice to the scene, whether it’s at a hotel, the couple’s ancestral home, or their backyard. When it comes to indoor wedding photography, the biggest perk is having a controlled setup. Will you have to look for creative spots and corners? Will artificial lighting help? Would some places be too dark and small? Yes, yes, and yes! For some photographers, this could be more of a challenge. However, working in a closed environment is also the biggest plus – you have a fair amount of control over the setup. You can change the lighting as you please, use a doorway as a window, and even make a dark hallway look beautifully mystique.

Indoor Wedding Photography Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

Indoor wedding photography has its own charm, aesthetics, and wow moments. Want a glimpse of some indoor wedding photos that will get those creative juices flowing? Below are 10 images that could help with that.

1. Apollo Fields

A portrait of a bride posing in front of a window in a vintage-themed room
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

2. Sara France

Black and white image from the POV of a window of a bride holding her bridal bouquet as her parents look emotionally from a distance
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @sarafrance

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3. IQphoto

A bride and groom kissing at a doorway entrance of a city hall
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @iqphoto

4. Infinite Loop Photography

Black and white photo of a bride and groom dressed in traditional clothes pose in front of a semi-circle shaped window
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

5. Danny Dong Photography

A bride stands in front of a doorway as the makeup artist fixes her makeup
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

6. Erin Morrison Photography

A monochrome portrait of a groom standing beside a wall as half of his face is in shade
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

7. Brandi Allyse Photo

Groom and groomsmen pose while standing on a white-colored stairway
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

8. J. Perryman Photography

Over the shoulder shot of a bride looking at her father as he enters from the other side of the room
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @jperrymanphotography

9. Robb McCormick Photography

A bride and groom posing at the edge of a stairway while looking into each other's eyes
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @robbmccormickphotography

10. Brian Bossany Photography

A silhouette of a bride posing in front of a window as she holds a bridal bouquet
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer

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Understanding the Basics of Indoor Wedding Photography

1. Location Scouting

Location scouting is an important part of the pre-production phase, especially when working at an indoor venue. The better idea you have of the surroundings, the lighting scenario, and other specific requirements, the better you will be able to plan and execute things on the wedding day. After all, you don’t always have the luxury to invest time in location scouting in between the wedding day timeline.

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2. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role when photographing in closed venues. Enclosed spaces can turn into a magical setup or look like a scene from a movie when lit up for the setting. Sometimes, that can happen naturally depending on the time of the day and the way natural light transitions around the place. However, more often than not, you might find yourself in places where artificial lighting is your only resort. Keep an eye out for available light sources such as windows, doorways, chandeliers, lamps, and so on.

Think of the kind of ambiance you want to create the scene. Are you going for a light and airy effect? Or, do you want to introduce a dramatic and moody vibe? Knowing this can simplify and channel your lighting efforts in the required directions. Also, try to experiment with soft and hard light; they can both work in your favor when used the right way. While the first can help you achieve flattering, dreamy images, the latter can help you create strong, dramatic photographs.

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3. Work With Different Angles

Infographic stating unique angles and perspectives can make for compelling indoor wedding photos

During location scouting, take notes of specific angles that can work for you while framing a scene. Unique angles and perspectives can make for compelling indoor wedding photos just as the ones featured in this blog. When you want to capture the ambiance and the look and feel of the place into the frame, try experimenting with wide-angle and bird’s-eye view shots. Photographers also tend to experiment with low and high angles around staircases, especially if there is an L-shaped, U-shaped, curved, circular, or bifurcated staircase.

4. Creating Silhouettes

The classic silhouettes of a bride standing in front of a window or a doorway while holding the bouquet or highlighting the train of her wedding dress never get old. What’s better? You can always add new elements to this timeless scene. Indoor photography gives ample opportunities to get creative with silhouettes. All you have to do is pose your couple against the light, and there you go! However, to make your silhouettes stand out from the ordinary, pose your couples in a unique manner and work with different angles.

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5. Powerful Monochromes

A monochrome portrait of a bride sitting on a coach as her reflection form on the table placed ahead
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @robbmccormickphotography

Lastly, whether you decide to shoot in black and white or turn them black and white in the post-production phase, go monochrome. This is one theme that helps you add a timeless appeal to your photographs – an attribute that your couples would surely love their wedding photographs to showcase. Moreover, the black and white combination brings out evocative emotions and highlights the photojournalistic aspect of the scene.

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Location scouting, getting the lighting right, posing, framing – all of these factors and more, add to the skill of creating stunning indoor images. There might be times where you find yourself in dark and small venues with no source of natural light, but that’s where you could truly shine as a photographer and a creative. If you have a tough time photographing in such situations, then you could use the above tips to practice till you perfect this skill. We hope that the featured images from ShootDotEdit customers offered you some indoor wedding photography inspiration. 

At ShootDotEdit, we love sharing tips that could help you grow as a professional. We also look forward to helping you reduce your post-production workload by taking editing off your plate. To learn more about how our professional photo editing services can help your wedding photography business, take a look at our pricing plans.

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