Facebook is an ideal social platform for wedding photographers to use to share their images and content. With constant changes and adjustments, it is essential to maximize your presence on Facebook and encourage interaction on your business page.

In our previous posts, we discussed how important it is to share your wedding photography with your ideal clients on Facebook. We also shared how to increase engagement through the text you write. Today, we will take a look at how you can increase interaction on your posts through Facebook’s tagging features.

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Tag People in Photos

When you tag people in your wedding photography posts, you increase the reach of your photo dramatically. In most cases, tagging people causes the photo to show up in their news feed. When it appears in their news feed, they can interact with it and share it with their followers. This means your images and content are in front of a larger audience than just your followers.

outdoor sunflower engagement photo

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As a wedding photographer, once you receive your images back from a wedding photography post production company, you can share them on Facebook. The benefit of working with various clients, vendors, and venues is you can tag them in your posts. When your posts appear on those pages, their followers have a higher chance of seeing what you have to offer. It also increases the chances your images and content will appear in front of potential clients.

For a bonus tip, encourage sharing of your images and content, and watch your reach skyrocket. This can be something you discuss with your clients beforehand, so they know to share your images and give you credit. Or, you can provide incentive on your page to share through contests with your past and current clients. The more you encourage sharing, the easier it will become to place your images and content in front of ideal clients.

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We’ve gathered 3 additional techniques to sharing on social media that you need as a professional wedding photographer. To share these tips, we’ve created an infographic! We cover tagging people, the best times to post, as well as statistics and data for each section. Additionally, take the time to share this infographic within your photography communities. Knowledge is power, and we encourage you to share these tips and tricks with others.


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