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As a busy wedding photographer, your schedule is jam-packed with client meetings, marketing, blogging, and most importantly, weddings. With every task needing attention and perfection, you might lose track of time or end up completely forgetting about a certain detail. And while it is challenging to keep everything organized, and especially to tick off small day-to-day tasks such as social media, the good news is that there are ways you can avoid forgetting, and instead, continuously stay relevant in the minds of your past, present, and future clients! Creating a social media schedule and promoting your photography business is extremely important. In order to level up your social media game, maintaining a consistent and successful workflow is crucial. In this blog, we have featured social media strategy for wedding photographers that can help level up success and stay ahead in the social media game. 

Social Media Strategy For Wedding Photographers To Try Out 

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One of the benchmarks of creating a successful wedding photography business is planning and executing a brilliant social media strategy, which will help your business grow and thrive! And not to mention, get you more clientele and vendor contacts. We’ve devised 5 steps to help you figure out what social media strategies work best for you and your business. 

1. Pick A Social Media Platform 

With numerous social media platforms emerging in the market these days, it becomes difficult to choose the best for your photography brand. However, the safest and easiest way to avoid confusion is by selecting one major social media platform that will do the job for you. Not only will it be easier for you to track your work, but you can also invest more time and attention into creating and promoting your wedding photography business.

However, this shouldn’t be the full social media marketing plan for your business but it can be the majority of it. One of the top and trending social media strategy for wedding photographers is to try and use Instagram. This platform provides great features to showcase your stunning visual work. Other great platforms to use are Pinterest and Facebook. In current times, Pinterest is easily the most powerful and organic platform for you to use as a wedding photographer, not only does it let you stop worrying about descriptions, but it redirects viewers to your website!

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2. Decide Your Content Medium

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An important step to keep in mind before you start posting and scheduling your work on social media platforms is to try and research on the type of content medium that your clientele would like to consume. This also helps avoid confusion on where you might have gone wrong if you do not receive expected results. You can list down a number of contenting styles, including long-form blog posts, videos, bit-size content or maybe even live content. If you are choosing Instagram as your social media platform, you can try using its amazing in-built features like Instagram story, boomerangs, reels, or even live videos! These tools help you curate engaging content that your target audience might end up liking, sharing, commenting, and even including in their wedding plan list. And not to mention it also increases followers!

Quick Tip: Ask yourself what type of content creation you like creating the most! As you will be consistent in creating content, and your wedding photography business will require you to be consistent, think about the kind of content you will be interested in making as well! 

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3. Keep To Your Schedule 

Staying consistent on social media platforms by posting content and following your plans is another social media strategy for wedding photographers to follow. Scheduling your work encourages you to get your work done and helps you keep track of your business activities. Try to ensure that you are posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at the same time every single day, or even better, research on timings and days that your targeted clients are most active! Not only does this help in executing your wedding photography marketing ideas, but also shows that you are consistent with your business. It also assures your clients that your work is reliable and can increase the trust for your brand

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4. Schedule In Advance

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Another effective method is to schedule your wedding photography posts well in advance to ensure that you are remaining consistent. To make this even easier, online apps like Hootsuite and Canva provide numerous options to create content that you can schedule to be released weeks or months in advance. When there is a lack of consistency in your posting, or you constantly post old content without incorporating new posts, your viewers can become disengaged – ensuring that you have a consistent posting schedule is vital! By taking the time to schedule out your entire month of social media in one sitting, you can get a clear vision of each post that is going out each day, and you do not have to worry about being next to a computer or smart phone at a certain time each day to post.

5. Use Trending Hashtags 

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Once you have found your targeted audience and researched on what day works best for your business to thrive virtually, the next step is to use proper and accurate hashtags in your wedding photography posts. The fastest way to engage on social media is to use the platform as a promotional tool and use relevant hashtags so that your content reaches out to a larger audience. Hashtags can also help your clients easily find your website and other social media accounts. 

There are plenty of wedding hashtags for photographers to use on social media. However, these also might change according to the kind of wedding, location, decor, season, and other aspects which may vary from time to time. Nonetheless, you can always research current trending hashtags and check their popularity percentage as well! As of now the trending wedding hashtags include:

  1. #weddingphotography 
  2. #weddinginspiration
  3. #weddingseason
  4. #weddingflowers
  5. #brideandgroom
  6. #weddingphoto
  7. #coupleportraits
  8. #weddingphotographer
  9. #weddingdress
  10. #photooftheday

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Looking For Ways To Market Your Wedding Photography? Follow These Quick Tips

Being a wedding photographer is no easy job and the list of responsibilities and skills required to run a successful wedding photography business are endless and might also become overwhelming from time-to-time. We’d like to help you with a few marketing strategies and tips, so that you can stay updated with all the relevant marketing and promotion campaigns. 

A quick list of successful social media strategy for wedding photographers to increase business:

  1. Run offline promotions - Print a stack of business cards with your details on it before a wedding project. Remember to also add a URL or QR code so that people can scan it and get redirected to your website.

  2. Collaborate with other vendors - Include your vendors in your client guide and request them to feature you in their recommended wedding photographer list. If you’re writing blogs, give them a quick shout out. You can also include your vendors in your social media posts!

  3. Start your own wedding blog - To make your presence known, try to start blogging. Couples love to read wedding blogs as it may provide them with ideas to include in their wedding as well! However, you should also work hard on your SEO, and rank high with relevant keywords. 

  4. Focus on email marketing - If you feel shy in creating live videos, another alternative for you to succeed is by focusing on email marketing. Send newsletters and quick guides to existing and potential clients via email and generate lead magnets

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The success of your wedding photography business depends on so many factors. However, choosing the right social media platform, remaining consistent with your posting and scheduling your work, can help you achieve your goals in turn giving you the best results. Every aspect of the social media content that you produce and share is a true reflection of who you are and should be viewed positively. Investing the right amount of time with updated strategies up your sleeve, you are developing a routine and proving that your business matters as much as your clients. 

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