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Salt and Pine Photography is a remarkable duo comprising Darryl Ann and Joe, a husband-and-wife team based in Seattle. Their unique blend of talent, passion, and chemistry makes them one of the best wedding photographers in the region, and guess what! The Seattle wedding photographers agreed to spill the beans on how they got the shot for some of their favorite photos.  

Their creativity knows no bounds when it comes to photography ideas. Whether it's an intimate ceremony at a local chapel or a grand destination wedding atop a mountain, their images will leave you spellbound. Darryl Ann and Joe's approach to photography is truly innovative and showcases a wide range of wedding photography styles and techniques. From setting up the perfect lighting to waiting for that perfect moment, the 'how I got the shot' stories from these two professional wedding photographers are both enlightening and inspiring.

Salt & Pine Photography

How We Got The Shot: Behind-The-Scenes Of A Photograph Featuring Salt And Pine Photography

Darryl Ann and Joe's adventurous spirit often takes them off the beaten path, leading to some truly magical shots. Their ability to find beauty in unexpected places and moments is what sets Salt and Pine Photography apart. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek behind-the-scene with them! Check them out: 

1. Keep The Posing Simple

Salt & Pine Photography
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @saltpinephoto

Darryl Ann and Joe have a knack for creating unforgettable
photography scenes. One such memorable instance is a captivating shot of a couple immersed in the water, beautifully backlit by the sun. Darryl Ann and Joe recall the pressure they felt while capturing this image. "When you ask a couple to get in the water, there is a ton of pressure to make sure you get something great and make it worth it. So it’s a bit stressful but also super fun!" They shared. Despite the stress, the duo embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and excitement.

Using only natural light, they masterfully backlit the couple with the sun to bring out the rich colors in the scene. As the couple says, "We just asked them to go out and have a water fight and splash each other and then kiss and make up." 

One of their favorite places to shoot, the lake where the photo was taken, offers a dynamic environment that never fails to surprise. This photo, brimming with joy and spontaneity, perfectly encapsulates the couple's spirit. "This shot really tells the story of who they are as a couple. They were so willing just to live life and have a good time," says Darryl Ann and Joe.  The photography couple believes that the key to shooting photo lies in letting couples be themselves, allowing their personalities to shine through naturally in the images.

2. Get Creative With Lighting

dark and starry night photo showing stars, clouds and a couple holding hands wearing headlamps
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @saltpinephoto

The owners of
Salt and Pine Photography are well-known for their exceptional skills in capturing moody wedding photos. Shooting after dark is one of their favorite endeavors, as it allows them to craft enchanting wedding photos. However, little did they know that on this particular occasion, their artistic approach would be put to the test due to an unexpected equipment mishap.

As the night descended, Darryl Ann and Joe embarked on their mission to capture captivating shots of their couple. However, they had forgotten to bring their trusty flash! Undeterred by the challenge, they decided to make the most of their available resources: a single continuous light source. 

Taking the light source in hand, Darryl Ann focused on creating the illusion of a flash by rapidly turning the light on and off. The endeavor demanded precision and timing. The innovative technique resulted in images that exuded an almost mystical quality, reminiscent of their signature moody wedding photography.

When it comes to capturing shots that could only be described as "epic," such as against the backdrop of the night sky or against a grand silhouette, Darryl Ann and Joe adhered to a simple principle – keep the poses uncomplicated. Forgoing the usual portrait poses, they focused on crafting poses that harmonized seamlessly with the environment.

At the chosen location, a substantial rock provided a natural buffer, creating separation between the couple and allowing Darryl Ann and Joe to experiment with unique angles. Shooting from a slightly elevated position, they skillfully incorporated the expansive night sky into the frame. Yet, it was the subtleties that truly elevated the images. Headlamps worn by the couple illuminated their features, resulting in incredible couples portraits.  

3. Let The Moment Unfold Naturally

couple letting a lit lantern float off into the sky near a lake at sunset
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @saltpinephoto

Darryl Ann and Joe have carved a niche for themselves with their unique
wedding photography style. Their wedding photos are as emotive as they are visually stunning. One of their memorable shots is this one taken on a tiny dock at sunset, which perfectly illustrates their creative approach. The constraints of the location posed significant challenges. The dock was so small that there was barely any room to back up. Adding to the complexity was a lantern that proved difficult to light. 

Despite these hurdles, they managed to get the shot by using a light stick covered with a CTO gel held by their team member. This provided the necessary lighting to enhance the mood of the scene. Their philosophy in such situations is to let the moment unfold naturally while subtly encouraging the connection between the wedding couple. "Again - just let it happen, but encourage connection. Keep encouraging the couple every chance you get so that in moments like this that you can’t pose, you still get a powerful emotive image," Darryl Ann and Joe advise.

"This was also easily one of the best sunsets we have ever had the privilege to shoot. And it was a couple we really clicked with. It felt so satisfying to deliver such a great image for them," Darryl Ann and Joe recounts. Their ability to transform challenging situations into stunning wedding photography ideas is truly inspiring. 

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4.  Have Fun And Encourage Your Couple

couple popping a champagne bottle and spewing champagne everywhere near a rock in the ocean wearing a wedding dress and tux
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @saltpinephoto

"What were we thinking when capturing this shot? Don't screw it up! And OMG these are going to be amazing!" Darryl Ann and Joe recall. The shot in question involved the bride, whose stunning dress created an opportunity for a dramatic silhouette against a backdrop of dazzling light. To achieve this effect, the
Seattle wedding photographers strategically placed an AD200 off-camera behind the bride. This positioning not only highlighted her silhouette but also allowed them to block the flash when the couple inevitably started moving.

But the magic didn't stop there. A lightstick was strategically placed on the couple, providing gentle fill light and adding a touch of motion to the countless particles that danced in the air. The timing was crucial, as they needed to coordinate the sprays of champagne with the perfect moment. Encouraging the bride and groom to keep spraying, regardless of the chaos, was all part of the plan. Additionally, they had to ensure they were in the right position to block the flash, preventing the shots from being marred by an overly bright, unblocked backlight.

Known for their adventurous spirit, Darryl Ann and Joe suggested that the couple each spray a bottle. However, there was a slight misunderstanding. While the photographers had envisioned the champagne spraying elegantly into the air, the couple interpreted it as a champagne-spraying competition. Darryl Ann and Joe couldn't have been happier with the unexpected turn of events.

"This shot has everything: wedding attire, a great location, fun lighting, particles flying everywhere, and a super dynamic, fun couple just having a blast," Darryl Ann and Joe explain. This iconic shot not only showcases their creativity and adaptability but also exemplifies their unique photography style. It's moments like these that have propelled their wedding photography business, Salt and Pine Photography, to the forefront of the industry, inspiring other photographers and couples with their innovative wedding photos ideas.

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Darryl Ann and Joe's innovative approach to wedding photography has truly set Salt and Pine Photography apart. Their ability to seize spontaneous moments and turn them into stunning, emotive images is nothing short of inspiring. Their meticulous preparation, combined with their knack for capturing the essence of each couple's unique love story, results in extraordinary wedding photos that stand the test of time. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Darryl Ann and Joe for sharing their insights and experiences. Don't forget to follow Salt and Pine Photography on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay updated on their latest work and gather more wedding photo ideas.

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