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Attention wedding photography enthusiasts! We've got a treat for you! One of our favorite professional wedding photographers, Nick Arvold of Narvold Photography, is here to spill the beans on some of his most incredible shots. The talent's creative and stunning images always blow us away, so we were thrilled when he agreed to give us a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of his work. In this blog, Nick shares the photography scenes and stories that led up to some of his most memorable shots. So, whether you're a seasoned photographer looking for inspiration or simply a lover of beautiful imagery, join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating and artful behind-the-scene of a photograph! Read on to find out how Narvold Photography Got the Shot!

How I Got The Shot With Narvold Photography

1. A Glimpse Behind-The-Scene Of An Engagement

couple dipping on a road in a fall forestImage Credit: Wedding Photographer @narvoldphotography

This image was shot with all-natural lighting on an overcast day at the family's home in Central Wisconsin. I can't say no to a long dirt road. I love all the earthy tones — from the trees to the outfits the couple picked - it just works!With the fall colors, leading lines, and distance of the couple, I knew this was an excellent opportunity for a wall-hanger image. So, I used the Brenizer Method to capture nine separate photos to stitch together later to create some awesome depth.I always like to end with dip images. The couple is usually warmed up and comfortable by this point. So I have them go for it!

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2. A Candid Wedding Photo In The Barn

couple walking through doorway of a barn from dark inside to light outsideImage Credit: Wedding Photographer @narvoldphotography

This image was taken just after a first look with the couple at the beautiful The Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, Wisconsin. I love the rustic, moody vibes paired with the all-natural lighting.

Sometimes, you have to be ready to capture a moment. I had just finished some shots inside the barn and still had my exposure set for indoors. I just looked up to follow them outside and loved the light coming through the door. It's got to be quick!

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3. Capturing Emotions In Wedding Photos

groom smelling brides hairImage Credit: Wedding Photographer @narvoldphotography

This moment was amazing! We had been taking photos all day, and the couple just had dinner, so we wanted to get some golden hour shots. This point in the day is by far my favorite. Not only did we have an excellent opportunity to capture stunning images with sunset lighting, but it was a chance for the couple to pull away from the wedding craziness and just be together after the "I do's." Standing in the middle of a field, it was so intimate.

For shots like these, I ask my groom to always look at her! I ask him to smell her hair, which sounds silly, but he always gets a cute smile.

I just love the pure emotion of this shot. As I said before, you can tell it felt great for the couple to get away and be together.

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As we bring this incredible journey to a close, we cannot help but feel gratitude for Nick Arvold of Narvold Photography. His intuitive connection with couples and his eye for detail have placed him among the best wedding photographers in the business. From the smallest details to the grandest moments, Nick's images are infused with emotion and creativity, taking ordinary wedding photos to the next level. 

We've been lucky enough to get a sneak peek into his thought process and techniques with his "How I Got The Shot" series, and it's clear that his passion for the craft shines through in every capture. Thank you, Narvold Photography, for sharing your wedding photography tips and tricks with us and inspiring professionals to reach new levels of excellence in their wedding photography business.

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