Infographic stating 15 gift ideas for photographer couples on Valentine's day
Do you live together, work together, shoot together, and love each other but still don’t know what gifts to get for each other on Valentine’s Day? We know the gift-giving struggle is real for couples who are in the wedding photography business together! So, if you are having a tough time deciding what to give or are unsure of even where to begin, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we have compiled 15 gift ideas for photographer couples. These are creative and heartfelt gifts you can give each other based on your shared passion for photography (and some of them you may not have heard of before). Read on to find out how to surprise and delight the photographer in your life who you love.


15 Gift Ideas For Photographer Couples

1. Digital Photo Frame

Infographic stating show your appreciation and love with a gift

As a photographer, there are many ways to show your love for your partner. However, only a few match the perfection of a digital photo frame. It’s like an ordinary photo frame – only better! And it’s especially great if your partner is tech-savvy. Since it lets you display a slideshow of all your selected photographs, you can curate and upload all your favorite photos together. A digital photo frame is not just an excellent choice for the purpose it serves, it’s also a fantastic way to show your partner how much your time together means to you.

2. Tickets to a Photography or Film Festival

Around the world and all year round, photography events and film festivals are happening. Events like the New York Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and Cannes International Film Festival are some of the most highly acclaimed. So, if time and schedules allow, you could surprise your partner with tickets to one of these! If taking a trip is not possible for you, look for local film or photo festivals in your area and gift those instead. In the end, it really is the thought that counts!

3. Personalized Romantic Photo Books

Personalized gifts are magical and our favorite for photographer couples is a romantic photo book! We suggest creating a luxury photo book filled with your shared photo memories. If you do destination weddings together, you could create one from every destination! Another fun idea is to curate a mini photo book of all your insta-worthy moments to get you both reminiscing – especially if it’s full of fun selfies! If you want to add to the personalization factor, select a few photographs and give them some sweet captions that will take you back to the moment you took that photo.

4. Lensball

Lensball is a photography accessory that gives you a unique perspective and helps you create some fun photographs. It looks like a crystal ball and comes in two size variations – pocket and pro. So if your partner loves to experiment with wide-angle photographs, this unique gift choice might be a winner!

5. Creative Bokeh Optic

Creative bokeh optic is a great gift idea for photographers who love to experiment with the bokeh effect. With this tool, you can create fun-shaped bokeh such as stars and hearts, depending on whatever aperture disk you choose. Most bokeh optics come with a few blank disks that allow you to cut out any shape of your choice.

6. Instant or Disposable Cameras

Infographic stating the old soul who loves analog will adore an instant or disposable camera

Prints will never stop being fun! And there’s nothing like the feeling of getting a print of your photograph as soon as you take it. These days, you can get an instant camera in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These cameras don’t just look cool, but they are also a great gift option for anyone who loves analog photography. Also for the old school soul, surprise him or her with a disposable camera. Bonus – you can develop the film together after!

7. Camera Cleaning Kit

Useful items can also make for great gift ideas for photographer couples! Consider gifting something like a camera cleaning kit that your partner can use every day. It may not be the most romantic present, but as a photographer, your gear is your livelihood. A comprehensive DIY cleaning kit will help your partner to keep their equipment spotless.

8. Camera Bag

For photographers who love to carry a stylish camera bag, handcrafted leather camera bags are amazing. Plus, they don’t just look great, they are also excellent for keeping gear safe. With endless options to choose from, we suggest you shop according to your budget and your partner’s preference. Up the ante on this photography gift idea by personalizing the camera bag with your partner’s initials on it.

9. Light Painting Tool

A light painting photography tool is one of the coolest gift ideas for photographers who love experimenting with light. It is a tool that lets you paint different colors and textures with light in your photographs. This tool comes along with a light-emitting device, light painting brushes, and a universal connector.

10. Light Reflector Kit

Some tools are helpful for almost all photography types or styles. A light reflector kit is one of those tools. It is a piece of equipment that most photographers use to reflect soft light on the subject and create impactful photographs. Even though there are several variations out there, the five-in-one kit is the most preferred choice.

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11. Photography Magazine Subscription

Infographic stating print isn't dead

A photography magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Depending on your partner’s choice, you can choose the print or digital version. Rotor Drone, Aperture Magazine, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, PhotoPlus Magazine, B&W, and Photoshop Creative are just some of the esteemed photography magazines you can choose from.

12. Photography Books

When it comes to the best gift ideas for photographer couples, print is not dead. So if your partner loves to read, then giving them a famous photography book makes for an amazing gift option. There are many books that contain stunning photographs and also insightful information, from anecdotes from top-notch photographers to how-to tutorials. Wedding Storyteller – Volume 1 by Roberto Valenzuela, The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman, On Photography by Susan Sontag, The Visual Toolbox by David duChemin, and The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson are some of the most recommended books.

13. Fast Memory Card

If you are looking for a gift item that will be a useful addition to your partner’s gear bag, there’s nothing better than gifting fast memory cards. As a photographer, your partner will use a memory card every single day. After all, it’s an essential part of their profession. A faster memory card can considerably improve the download and read time. And what’s a better gift than making your partner’s life easier?

14. Photography Backdrops

Infographic stating for the building studio photographer, gift a backdrop to get them started

If your partner is a studio photographer or has been wanting to start building studio photography into their portfolio, gifting them a studio backdrop could get them started! From a classic print to something that caters to a specific artistic style or theme, there are various backdrop options available online.

15. “I Love Photography” License Plate

Another cool gift idea for photographer couples is the “I Love Photography” License Plate. This can be a fun addition to their collection, especially if your partner loves cool collectibles and personalized gifts.

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but that doesn’t mean that photography-related gifts for your partner have to be expensive too. From personalized collectibles to everyday use items, there’s a wide range of presents that you can gift to your other half. Start with deciding on a budget and then think of what your partner will enjoy the most in the long run. Even if it’s not the most romantic present, in the end, it’s the thought that matters!

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