Becoming a Pro Wedding Photographer

How Jasmin Neidhart of Flora & Grace Photography Got to the Top

For Flora and Grace, becoming a pro wedding photographer includes being internationally recognized in their first year of business – this is every up-and-coming photographer’s dream! But staying humble, grounded, and focused while this happens is another thing entirely.

Jasmin Neidhart had been in business for just 4 years as Grace and Blush Photography (now Flora & Grace Photography) when she was named one of the 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine. The Germany based newcomer had barely even heard of WPPI before being invited to host a photo walk and speak on a panel at the convention earlier this year.

“The panel was about how to build a brand, find your style and overcome insecurities in an industry that can be oversaturated.” So what did Jasmin have in common with her fellow Rising Star award winners? “All of the rising stars built a certain style that was different. When I looked at their work and mine, I think what made us all successful is that we just do our own thing. We don’t care about industry trends or editing trends.”

Becoming a Pro Wedding Photographer

Becoming a Pro Wedding Photographer and Staying Humble Through Recognition

Becoming a pro wedding photographer happened faster than she imagined – in just her first year of business, Jasmin’s work was internationally recognized and published in Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style me Pretty, OnceWed, and Harpers Bazaar just to name a few. She has shot weddings in Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Canary Islands, America, Italy, France and of course her home country, Germany.

Being new to the industry and enjoying such incredible achievements could easily spark arrogance or a lack of humility, but not in Jasmin. The bubbly blonde was giddy about being interviewed. She had what seemed like a permanent smile on her face and laughed loudly and often. She was truly delighted to be at WPPI, which marked a week of firsts for the photographer.

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“Before WPPI, I could have never seen myself on a stage doing a panel like the one I did here.” Jasmin taught a workshop in Germany but says it was tiny in comparison. “I didn’t see myself as a speaker but life opened a door and I walked through it.” Jasmin wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience but by the time it was over, she says it changed her. “When I read the messages from the photographers about what they loved about the panel or my class and what was inspiring to them, it was incredibly impactful.”

Jasmin left WPPI feeling rejuvenated and humbled by the experience. But it’s not easy to stay as grateful and centered once you get back to your day to day life.

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Becoming a Pro Wedding Photographer and Keeping Grounded & Balanced

For Jasmin, nature helps her reset. “Whenever I feel like I need some energy, I will just go outside, and have a long walk, go hiking.” If she’s really feeling off, she just stays away a bit longer. “Sometimes I’m out for like three days without my phone and I will completely soak in nature.”

Jasmin knows it’s not possible for everyone to achieve becoming a pro wedding photographer as fast as she did, or to cut out technology for so long like she did, but she suggests at least giving yourself the morning to watch the sunrise or meditate. “I think that when most people wake up, the first thing they do is have their smartphones in their hands, opening all the apps like Instagram and in this moment you start to watch your competitors, just like watching the others, what they do, what their life is about.”

While Jasmin appreciates and utilizes social media, she doesn’t allow herself to get wrapped up in what other photographers are doing. “Don’t grab your phone when you wake up. Instead, read or do something that brings you joy and you will slowly recognize how your life moves into a different direction and you’re more rooted in yourself.”

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To stay caught up with all things Flora & Grace, check out their website. You can also follow this talented wedding photographer on Instagram and Facebook. And be sure to stay on the lookout for more of Jasmine’s incredible work!

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh

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