15 Getting Ready Photos to Capture at Every Wedding

A wedding is a joyous event. Families and friends come together to celebrate the couple. There’s dancing, photos, food and so much more. Getting ready for the wedding is one of the most fun aspects of the day for the bride, the groom, and the bridal party. With the right shot list, it could be one of the best moments of the day for you too! This blog post on getting ready photos will help you prep your checklist for when you join the bride, groom, and the bridal party in the getting ready process.

A Checklist of Must-Have Getting Ready Photos

Infographic stating checklist of must have getting ready photos

From capturing the gown in all its glory to focusing on the bride and groom’s accessories and sentimental pieces, below are some getting ready photo ideas that you could incorporate into your checklist.

1. The Bride on the Wedding Morning

Capturing the bride’s excitement on the morning of the wedding is a must! The day she’s been waiting for has finally arrived, so be ready to photograph her as she takes it all in. Looking back at these pictures will instantly remind her of this day and how she felt during these moments.

2. The Wedding Dress

A bride's wedding dress placed on a hanger in front of a blue colored door
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The wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the wedding, especially for the bride. She spends a lot of time choosing the perfect dress, and everyone is waiting to get a glimpse of it too! So whether you hang it in a unique location, place it against a beautiful backdrop or lay it on the bed, be sure to get some photographs of the dress by itself.

3. A Candid Moment With the Bridal Party

Infographic stating capture a few candid moments of the couple with the bridal party

Incorporating the bridal party into getting ready photos can be a lot of fun for everyone. Laughing out loud, a classic cheers photograph, the bride and groom getting goofy with their bridesmaids and groomsmen are just some of the moments you can consider for your checklist.

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4. Gifts Galore

If the bride and groom decide to give something special to their bridesmaids and groomsmen, try to take pictures of the gifts and the bridal party member’s reactions as they open them. You could also make the bridal party pose with their presents later.

5. Beauty Shots

Close up portrait of a bride's face
Image Credit @davidnsachs

Beauty shots are one of the most important and, of course, glamorous wedding photos you can take. Try to take pictures while the bride is getting her hair and makeup done. And once you do that, don’t forget to take those close-up shots and detailed photos of her look.

6. Getting Into the Dress

Black and white detail photo of the buttons on the wedding dress
Image Credit @trevorhooperphoto

One of the best ways to get all the important getting ready photos is to keep an eye on the bride. As she is getting into her wedding dress, you could get some pictures of her bridesmaids or mom helping her or zipping her up from the back.

7. Exchanging Letters

If your couple is exchanging love letters on the day, try to get some photos as they read their letters. It’s a sweet moment they share right before the ceremony, so try to get their reactions as best as you can.

8. The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids posing with the bride in the center for a getting ready photo
Image Credit @brandiallysephoto

Be prepared to take some ‘Insta-worthy’ photographs if the bridesmaids help the bride with some finishing touches on the dress. Whether they are goofing around or sharing a (happy) tear-filled moment, this is another opportunity for you to take some candid photographs of the bride with her bridal party.

9. Including the Fur Babies

If the bride or the groom have any fur babies, get them to join the (getting ready) party! If it gets challenging to get them to pose, you could ask the bride or groom to interact with their pet, feed them some treats or cuddle them like they usually would.

10. Detail Photos of Rings & Sentimental Pieces

Detail photo of three wedding rings placed on a black reflective surface with a bokeh background
Image Credit @amybennettphoto

Photos of the rings always make for must-have captures. To set up this shot, you can keep the rings in their boxes or place them against a background that complements them. Additionally, your bride or groom might add a sentimental piece to their ensemble. If they do, take this opportunity for detail photos of those pieces. If the person to whom the sentimental piece belongs is a part of the wedding day, you could request that they help the bride or groom put it on and then get your camera ready.

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11. The Veil & the Train

Dramatic back shot of the veil and train of the dress as the bride looks the other side through the window
Image Credit @michael_mannphotography

Shift your focus back to the dress once the bride is completely ready. If there is a long, intricate train, step back and try to get it all in a single frame. As you take photos of the veil, you could play with the focus, angles, and lighting. The veil and train make for some stunning detail photos for your getting ready checklist.

12. The Shoes

Black and white photo of a bride bending to buckle up her shoe
Image Credit @christinandchris

Don’t forget to take some creative photos of the shoes – both for the bride and groom! You could take these photos as the bride is putting on her shoes or as her bridesmaid helps her put them on. For the groom, get close-up photos of him tying his shoes. And you also might want to keep an eye out for some quirky socks on him and his groomsmen.

13. Formal Portraits

A bride posing in front of a vintage looking background
Image Credit @photography_by_orlando

Once the bride and the groom finish getting dressed, try to get some individual formal photos of them before they head out for the ceremony. You could have them pose where they are getting ready or, if it’s practical, you could also take some portraits outdoors.

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14. Include the Kiddos in the Getting Ready Photos

The bride watches over the flower girl sitting on the bed with hands placed over her eyes
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Try to get some pictures of the groom and the bride with the flower girl and ring bearer. This is an adorable addition to the must-have getting ready photos. If you have a hard time getting them to pose, ask your bride and groom to interact with them as you capture some candid moments.

15. The First Look with the Father

Infographic stating don't forget to capture the first look with the father of the bride

This is when the bride reveals her complete look to her father, and it’s bound to get some photo-worthy reactions. Try to be prepared for these photographs by figuring out where you will place yourself during the big reveal.

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Observation is Key to Capturing Getting Ready Photos

We have kept it simple with some classic getting ready photo ideas to keep in mind as you prepare for your next wedding. But always be on the lookout for unique moments and candid interactions that happen in the getting ready rooms. You could also discuss the checklist with your couple in advance to make sure you don’t miss a moment! Want more checklist ideas? Check out our Creating a Wedding Day Shot List blog post to make your workflow easier.

From getting ready photos to must-have photos of the bridal party, at ShootDotEdit, we try to help you explore all the photo opportunities on the wedding day. To learn more about how we can help your business, check out our price plans.

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