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What is one task you cannot seem to accomplish in your photography business? If you said blogging, it wouldn’t be a big surprise. Outside of editing wedding photos, keeping up with their photography blogs is one of the top bottlenecks many professional photographers face. But, a consistent and SEO-rich (Search Engine Optimization) photography blog is essential to long-term success.

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A wedding photographer who outsources his blogging needs to Fotoskribe is John Lennon of Lennon Photo. With help from Fotoskribe, the leading expert in blogging-as-a-service for professional photographers, John received a 150% increase in customers from search engines after just 2 months.

“I looked at the data before I was partnered with Fotoskribe, and I was getting about 1 out of 10 customers from organic search. After partnering with Fotoskribe, I am receiving about 2.5 out of 10 customers from organic search.” – John Lennon

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Image by Lennon Photo

There are numerous benefits to consistent and SEO-rich blogging, which we discussed at length with John. Here are just a few of the benefits he has seen for his photography business.

SEO keywords make him findable

Although it may not be one of the most thrilling topics at first glance, SEO techniques are highly recommended (and beneficial) for your website, blog, social media, and more.

On every image and in each blog post, Fotoskribe uses keywords that John’s ideal clients search for when they need a wedding photographer. Keywords are specific words and phrases your target market searches for and are a key part of your photography blog strategy. With the SEO keywords used on his images and in his blog posts, John is more findable on search engines, such as Google. This is an important part of his success in finding and booking ideal clients.

Because of the specific keyword strategy he uses with Fotoskribe, his reach skyrocketed exponentially on search engines. As mentioned above, after only 2 months, John’s reach increased by 150%.

To note, this is something that can be achieved just one blog post. Imagine what can happen when the strategy is used on multiple blog posts.

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The right clients find him

When first starting a photography blog and implementing SEO techniques, it seems beneficial to drive a ton of traffic to your website and blog. Although this is true, it is essential for your growth to ensure the people who visit are ideal clients. Like any effort you make to share about your business, your goal is to attract people who will book you and your photography services. This means your time and efforts are well-spent and you can see the results you desire.

After discovering the benefits of a using keyword strategy with search engines, John realized that even though there were people accessing his individual blog posts, they did not necessarily fit his ideal client. Because of his name (John Lennon), he often receives page views that are from people who are not looking for a wedding photographer. Something had to change with his strategy to help him attract more ideal clients to his photography website and blog.

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While working with the team at Fotoskribe, they came up with photography blog post ideas that involve the venues where John’s ideal clients are. This includes specific keywords that relate to venues and locations his ideal clients search for when looking for wedding inspiration.

As a result, John’s blog posts were filled with keywords directed at the venues he desires to work with in the future. And, 5 of the key terms used in his blog posts with Fotoskribe bring ideal clients to his website and blog. It increased the number of people who come from organic search who are qualified as ideal clients.

“5 out of 10 of the keywords used in blog posts this year have people finding me and then clicking through to my site. That’s exactly what Fotoskribe and I wanted to do – increase the number of people to be qualified from organic search results. I’m thrilled with that number of qualified people than the higher number coming through on my posts from non-qualified people.” – John Lennon

Like many parts of your business, blogging is something you can outsource to a specialist, such as Fotoskribe. As the leading expert in blogging-as-a-service for professional photographers, Fotoskribe assists you in creating a voice, telling a story (all with expert SEO techniques). Whether you are learning how to start a photography blog or have an established one, blogging is a great item to outsource, so you can reap the benefits and spend a limited amount of your time!

These are just some of the ways blogging can help your photography business. In our Case Study, Blogging with Fotoskribe: How the Partnership Skyrocketed My Reach by 150%, we feature more of our conversation with John about the benefits of a consistent and SEO-rich photography blog. Access the Case Study today to learn how consistent blogging helps him have a consistent workflow, increase profit for his business, and come up with photography blog ideas!

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