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The list of things you need to capture on wedding days is endless, and as a wedding photographer, you must also take note of the special moments that depict your couple’s relationship with their family or friends on their special day. One such important moment to capture is the bride’s first look with bridesmaids. Not only do they provide a lasting reminder of the wedding day, but they also offer a glimpse into the unique relationships between the bride and her best friends and/or closest family members. So if you’re wondering how to photograph this moment, keep reading!

What Is A Bridesmaids First Look?

infographic stating that moment when the bridesmaids see the bride’s look for the first time is priceless

A bridesmaids first look is a special moment when the bridesmaids get to see the bride’s final look in her wedding gown for the first time on the wedding day. If your bride is doing a first look with her bridesmaids, then you must have a game plan on how to perfectly capture the emotions of that moment. It’s going to mean a lot to your bride, and so try to make sure you find the right spots and angles that will enable you to take the best photos.

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Tips to Capture The First Look With Bridesmaids

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The importance of capturing a bridesmaid’s first look lies in its ability to tell the story of the wedding day. This sweet moment carries a lot of anticipation, and the bridesmaid’s expressions of pure joy and wonder are a great way to kick off the wedding day story. Following are a few tips to get started:

1. Plan Ahead

Preparation is key when it comes to capturing the perfect moment in wedding photography. Understand your client’s vision of how they want the first look to be captured and make sure you have a game plan prepared accordingly. Decide beforehand the mix of preferred candid shots or posed portraits. These more natural moments will help tell the story of the day and add an extra-sweet touch to the wedding day photos. Get ready with your equipment and scout the spot ahead of time for the different photo angles, and be ready with your wedding photography preparation checklist to get the best first look photographs.  

2. Choose The Right Location 

infographic stating the right location is essential to capture the perfect first look photograph

Talk to your bride about whether she already has a spot pre-planned for the first look. Otherwise, once you have an idea of what your bride is looking for, you can work on picking the right location by visiting the venue in advance. Here are a few things to consider for the perfect photography spot: 

  1. Take note of the lighting. You’ll want to make sure that the location is well-lit to get the desired first look with bridesmaids pictures. The last thing you want is for your subjects to be squinting into the sun or disappearing into shadows. Use different lighting techniques to get the best shots.

  2. Choose a location with a nice backdrop. This could be anything from a scenic view to a more urban setting. The important thing is that your wedding party is comfortable with the location and that it complements the overall feel of the wedding.

  3. Pick a clutter-free and spacious spot. Ensure that your photography spot is not too crowded and has enough space for everyone to move around freely, and is free of distractions. This will also let the bride and her bridesmaids get the moment of privacy and separate space to be able to express their true emotional reactions.

3. Capture The Emotions

What does bridal party do during first look? Well, they essentially go through a range of emotions. The first look with bridesmaids is a moment of pure joy as the excitement and anticipation are written all over their faces and it is your job to capture those genuine emotions. It is an emotional and often highly anticipated moment as the bride and her bridesmaids share an intimate hug or exchange happy tears. 

The bridesmaids’ expressions are full of love, admiration, and joy, making for some truly beautiful and sweet photos for your bride. The moment can also be quite funny as the bridesmaids often have lots of things to say about the wedding dress, hair, and makeup! You can also get some lovely group portraits with the bridal party. The bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and all dressed up for the big day is a great chance to get stunning photos that capture their relationship.

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4. Timing Is Everything

infographic stating timing is everything to get the perfect emotional reaction in a photograph

Note that timing is everything when it comes to capturing the perfect emotional reaction in photographs. Ensure that you get all the bridesmaids in place before the bride arrives. This will help to minimize any last-minute chaos. You also need to be on your toes and be prepared to shoot quickly. The first look doesn’t last long, so you need to be ready to capture it as it happens. 

Don’t forget to capture the aftermath. While posed photos are important, ensure to capture some candid moments as well. Get snapping away as you ask the bridal party to pose while interacting with each other. 

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When you prepare in advance and set up everything to get the best photos, capturing the first look can be super fun. When you learn how to do first look with bridesmaids, you can document the special moment from a distance and use a wide-angle lens to help you capture the whole scene, including all the facial expressions and reactions of the bridesmaids as they see the bride. You can also try and take a few test shots to make sure everyone is in focus and looking good. This is a really personal and important moment for your bride, so make sure you document everything perfectly, especially the bridal party’s initial reactions.

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