Fine Art Wedding Photography: Bringing Out The Artistry at Weddings

As the name suggests, fine art wedding photography is all about focusing on the artistic side of the wedding. A fine art wedding photographer will not just photograph what is presented to him/her, but think of more ways to elevate and enhance what is in front of them. Captured with an artistic and storytelling intent, wedding images created using this style are no less than masterpieces that deserve their own space in exhibitions or art galleries. While most photography styles function on some basic principles, there are no set rules that this style of photography follows. In short, it depends on your creative vision and artistic inclination. Breathtaking compositions, a whimsical aesthetic, glorious detail shots – there are different aspects that make this wedding photography style what it is.

Top Tips To Help You Ace Fine Art Wedding Photography

1. Planning Is Key

Infographic stating fine art wedding photographers see the  images they want to capture before they even arrive at the venue

Fine art wedding photographers can see the wedding images they want to capture before they even arrive at the venue. This style of photography is not just about documenting the setting as it is but even creating the best setting to make sure that the images turn out to be nothing short of a work of art. Before anything else, you must create your vision as you set out to document your couple’s grand romance and each carefully thought-out aspect of the wedding. So, plan well. Keep a shot list prepared beforehand, and know exactly how you will create those photographs in ways that elevate and refine the setting you are in.

2. Be a Storyteller

Infographic stating fine art wedding photography is rooted in storytelling

As a wedding photographer, it’s your job to tell a story through the photos you take – whether it’s a getting ready photo of the bride and her bridesmaids or a family photo. To go pro at this wedding photography style, you need to polish up on your storytelling skills since this photography style is very much rooted in the art of storytelling. It’s not just checking off shots from your wedding shot list. While each photograph can be a story on its own, in this photography style, all pictures put together need to tell a cohesive, compelling, and attractive story about your couple’s big day.

3. The Film Effect

For most couples and wedding photographers, fine art wedding photography may strictly be restricted to film. But in modern-day weddings, this is not necessarily a rule. Cameras these days are more than capable of capturing a photographer’s vision with perfection. Moreover, since shooting on film tends to be more expensive, couples might not always prefer that option. With the added advantage of photo editing software, you can always give your wedding photos that film-like effect during post-production.

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4. Pay Extra Attention to Details

Infographic stating your attention to detail matters in this wedding photography style

As much as it is about letting your artistic side shine and your creative vision take over, fine art wedding photography is also about giving extra attention to detail. Whether it’s your bride’s shoes or the groom’s bowtie, take out the time to creatively arrange and photograph these elements. While any wedding photographer can take detail photos, the best fine art wedding photographers believe in creating something beautiful as well. To do this, you could arrange different elements that blend together to create stunning visuals. For example, try arranging the rings, invitation cards, flowers, etc. together and place them against a complementary background while photographing them.

5. Keep it Whimsical, Bright, and Airy

When it comes to colors, fine art photography is about bright and soft pastels. Colors that look like they could make a fairy tale come alive should be your choice of color palette when documenting a wedding using this photography style. Think pretty pinks, delicate florals, and everything that symbolizes romance.

Don’t Let The Creativity Fade

Infographic stating fine art wedding photography is creative

While planning and giving attention to detail is essential in fine art wedding photography, your creativity is what will guide you. This style of photography is all about letting your inner artist take control of the day and just go with it. Use your vision to take stunning photographs that narrate a story like no other. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and play up what you see. This way, you will never run out of wedding photography ideas. As a fine art wedding photographer, your job is to deliver only masterpieces to your couples, and we hope that our tips help you do that.

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