Knowing about posing for boudoir photography can make or break a boudoir photography session. What is boudoir photography? Merriam Webster defines it here, but whatever you know it to be, photography posing is one of the most critical—and most challenging—aspects a boudoir photographer needs to master.

Posing for Boudoir Photography

Even if your lighting and background are absolutely perfect, you still need to spend a considerable amount of time posing your subjects to create strong, lasting photos your clients will love for years to come.

Here are 5 quick posing tips to try out on your next boudoir photography session.

1. Build Your Client’s Confidence

Posing in boudoir photography almost always comes down to the confidence of your client. So spend time working with your clients and helping them feel confident in front of the camera. Open up communication and talk to them while shooting to help bring forth the best possible poses.

2. Try Something New When Posing for Boudoir Photography

Sometimes, your go-to boudoir poses just won’t work for your current client. So mix it up by allowing your clients to showcase their unique personality! Let them show you the poses that feel natural to them and work with it. Create something new!

3. Work With Their Best Features

As a boudoir photographer, you need to be a master of finding the right pose that works with your clients’ bodies. The goal is to eliminate or hide any insecurities the client may have. So make sure to highlight your client’s best features to make them look and feel their best. And also spend time thinking about how to minimize(with posing, lighting, and clothing choices) the areas they might be concerned about!

4. Pay Special Attention to “Trouble Areas”

When posing for boudoir photography, Boudoir Photographers agree that it’s important to pay special attention to posing around (and thus minimizing) 5 areas that most women consider to be trouble areas. This includes the chin, belly, thighs, rear end and upper arms. When you can confidently pose your clients around these common areas of concern, you can start to create incredible images.

5. Use Your Client’s Facial Expressions to Tell a Story When Posing for Boudoir Photography

In boudoir photography, emotion is often captured through the client’s facial expressions. Don’t spend time posing clients only to fall flat when it comes to the expressions on their faces. That’s where the stories are told! Consider advising clients to smile with their eyes and breathe through parted lips (to relax the mouth).

Keep these 5 tips in mind for your next boudoir photoshoot and create magic on camera for your boudoir photography clients.

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