Designing Wedding Photo Albums means designing timeless pieces that allow your couples to look back on their images and are a great way to increase your profits. When you effectively sell albums to your clients, it helps you to showcase your creativity and maximize business. So to speed up the process, we have put together 5 useful ways to help you create a simple album designing workflow.

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5 Ways to Efficiently Design Wedding Albums

1. Select Images for Clients

Take this responsibility off your clients’ shoulders and choose the images yourself. As a photographer, you know what story you want to tell through the images and which are the best to use.

Quick tip: Select images quickly by keeping them organized. As you review the color correction on your images, create a Collection in Lightroom to place the images you want to include in the album.

2. Offer Pre-Designed Albums to Choose From

Presenting your clients with a template of their potential album will allow you to minimize the options, which makes the decision-making process easier for them. Have a couple of pre-designed album templates, and stick to those.

Quick tip: Keep it simple. Rather than adding in embellishments, create a simple design that is tasteful and elegant.

3. Limit Changes When you Design Wedding Albums

Limit changes to 2-3 rounds of revisions, and if they want to make more, consider charging your clients. Though you are a photographer who wants happy customers, you are also a business owner who needs to meet goals, book clients and make a profit.

Quick tip: Present the album in a narrative form. This allows the story of the day or session to unfold leading to fewer requests for changes, making upselling much easier.

4. Remember the Supporting Characters

An album filled with romantic images of only the couple can be beautiful, but it won’t chronicle the day and how it all unfolded. The album needs to include images of the supporting characters like parents, family, and friends.

Quick tip: Choose images that highlight the most important moments of your couple’s big day. Pick images that represent important, emotional moments. Additionally, detailed images are essential for the wedding album. From the bouquet to the cake, to the table arrangements.

5. Make Your Favorite Images the Focus

While you are shooting the wedding, you will take plenty of stunning images that you should highlight in the album. Not only will your clients love to see their favorite romantic sunset image displayed, but they will be excited to share the album with their family and friends to show off your work!

Quick tip: The fewer images per spread, the more importance you give each image. Remember, you do not need to fill each page with images to cover the empty space.


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