ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Powerful Photography Website

When it comes to marketing your wedding photography business, having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website is absolutely vital. It’s one of the first things potential clients will see when looking you up online.

Here are five quick tips on making sure your website is up to snuff when being viewed by wedding photography prospects.

5 Quick Tips on Website Marketing Success

1. Make Your Bio Page Relatable for a Powerful Photography Website

When potential wedding clients stop by your bio page, they’re looking for how they can relate to you. So tell them about yourself first, before moving on to your photography business.

Make it easy for them to connect with you on a personal level and they’ll feel more at ease with booking you as their wedding photographer!

2. Highlight Your Top 10 Best Images Immediately

As soon as a wedding couple lands on your website, you’ll want them to see some of your best work ASAP. This will help them press on deeper into your site and eventually secure you the client.

Find your top ten wedding images, whether edited by you or a professional photo editing service, and highlight them on your homepage so your visitors fall in love with your style immediately.

3. Your Pricing Page Must Be Clear & Concise
for a Powerful Photography Website

When it comes to your package pricing page, try to make it scannable and easy to follow. You don’t want to make it a chore for potential clients to find all the information they need.

Make sure your must-haves are easy for visitors to spot and avoid clutter on the page. You don’t want to turn away visitors by giving them unnecessary info.

4. Make Your Powerful Photography Website Mobile-Friendly

Remember, almost everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone these days. In fact, you might be viewing this article on yours! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may be losing potential clients.

So make sure your website looks good on all smart devices, tablets included.

5. Make Sure Your SEO is On Point!

The absolute BEST way for potential clients to find you is through a web search like Google or Bing. It’s mission-critical that the SEO on your website ranks you as close to the #1 spot as you can get.

If you’re not well versed in proper SEO practices, try looking for someone who can help. It’s well worth hiring someone to rank you high with SEO.

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