Fast 5: Build Your Brand While Growing Your Wedding Photography Business

What does it mean to build your brand?

Lighting, posing, storytelling, branding and marketing are all ways of upping your photography business game. Here, we will cover five tips for wedding photographers on how these can help you in improving your business name and build a strong brand your clients can trust. Want more on growing your photography brand? Check out this blog post next!

5 Ways to Build Your Wedding Photography Brand

1. Utilize Lighting Tools

Every wedding shoot differs slightly, especially when it comes to lighting. Some situations provide challenges and require you to make quick adjustments to create the best light.

Strobes can make a drastic difference in the outcome of your photos. An example of this is an image where the couple is in front of a backdrop of a deep, rich, blue sky with dramatic clouds that almost look fake. The light from a strobe is strong enough to overpower the sun, which gives you control of the lighting situation and allows you to incorporate your creativity into each photo.

2. Focus On Posing Details as Your Build Your Brand

When you pose your couple during the wedding day, it is important to check for all the small details, right from the bride’s posture to the groom’s hand placement. During the couple portraits, for instance, take a few seconds to examine your frame. When working with family formals, the photographer has to make sure no one is slouching, everyone is looking at the camera, and each family member is close together with their hands and arms touching.

It’s the photographer’s job to create a comfortable environment for the couple to get that spark that makes a pose come alive. Create an energy that is infectious and you will give the bride and groom reasons to smile and laugh through the shoot. The more comfortable they feel, the better poses and expressions they will give you.

3. Become An Excellent Storyteller

As a wedding photographer, you have the chance to tell unique stories to your clients. To become an excellent storyteller through your images, you must start from the beginning of the client experience. Take the time to focus on what makes the to-be married couple who they are, so you can capture a genuine story during the wedding day.

The story you share starts with wedding photography marketing and branding for your business and continues when ideal clients view your website and blog.

4. Build A Strong Brand Message

With everything you do, you should build a strong brand message for your clients to see. The first place to start with this is your wedding photo website, specifically your “About Me” page. In addition to an “About Me” page that shares more about your brand, you should have a compelling text throughout your website that enhances an ideal client’s experience. Check out one of our favorite photographer’s (Brandi Allyse) About Me pages as an example.

5. Use Wedding Photography Marketing to Build Your Brand

In today’s competitive industry, a strategic wedding photography marketing plan is the key to success. One of your main goals for the marketing plan is to book ideal clients and make them refer you to others. Giving your past and present clients meaningful gifts that are not photography related is a great way of marketing your business. They will share it on social media and this will help you drive traffic back to your website.

Other important people in your wedding photography marketing plan to take care of are your vendors. You can provide them with free headshots or take photos of them at a wedding to document them in their element. When you blog about the wedding, link out to the vendors you worked with so your readers can access their websites.

Now, with all these tips to Build Your Brand, you know the tools you need to implement new techniques and tips to advance your photos and business. Keep reading, absorbing and applying and watch your business grow!

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