5 Tips for Taking Enchanting Fairy Tale Wedding Photos

Whether it’s the dress, the venue, or the decor – some weddings have a few elements of a fairy tale in them, and others are completely based on a fairy tale wedding theme. Many brides often dream of having a wedding that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, and it goes without saying that the photographs from these weddings look nothing short of magical. With dreamy decor, unique locations, and beautiful natural elements, the hopeless romantics go for a fairy tale wedding that is a perfect symbol of their storybook romance. When photographing a wedding fit for a prince and princess, you should aim to capture the romance and the ambiance of the place together. The classic fairy tale decor with soft tones and pastel colors or a modern-day fairy tale with darker tones, each story deserves to be told with perfection. And ShootDotEdit customers have the perfect photographs that will inspire you!

Fairy Tale Wedding Photography Inspiration by ShootDotEdit Customers

1. Michael Mann

Bride and groom siting inside a black car parked in front of a house
Image Credit @michael_mannphotography

Fairy tale wedding photos are all about capturing the magic of the moment. This dark fairy tale-inspired photograph by ShootDotEdit customer Michael Mann proves that these wedding photos are not all about soft tones. The dark and moody tones in the photograph, which are also complemented by the dark clouds, and the barely visible couple inside the car make this image stand out from the rest of the fairy tale-inspired images but still make it no less magical. Take a look at Michael’s Instagram and Facebook for more inspirational wedding images.

2. Joseph Kohn

Bride and groom doing a jump shot while holding each other's hand
Image Credit @iqphoto

Did someone say Peter Pan? In this image by ShootDotEdit customer Joseph Kohn, the couple looks like they are flying away to their own little Neverland. We can’t help but wonder how the photographer managed to capture this perfectly timed and posed photograph. For more photographs by Joseph, head to his Instagram and Facebook.

3. Brandi Allyse Salerno

Bride and groom posing in front of a black car in front of a castle-themed building
Image Credit @brandiallysephoto

A castle, a red carpet, a couple in love, and a stunning wedding getaway car – if that doesn’t describe a fairy tale wedding, we don’t know what will. The soft tones, the golden hour lighting – this image by ShootDotEdit customer Brandi Allyse Salerno is the definition of royal. Check out more of Brandi’s work on her Instagram.

4. Nick Arvold

A bride and groom posing in front of a helicopter
Image Credit @narvoldphotography

Every wedding has a wedding getaway car, but how many weddings have you seen with a getaway chopper? While Cinderella might have had her own carriage, for this modern-day bride, sky’s the limit (literally). This photograph by ShootDotEdit customer Nick Arvold is something straight out of a luxe fairy tale! There’s more of where this came from! Check out Nick’s Instagram and Facebook for more such wedding photos.

5. Jodi B Photography

A bride and groom posing by the side of a tree during sunset
Image Credit @jodibphotography

If there was a photograph that said, ‘And the prince and princess rode away into the sunset and lived happily ever after!’ this is exactly what it would look like. This photograph by ShootDotEdit customer Jodi B has it all – a beautifully posed couple, the bride’s princess gown, the golden hour, and the vast ocean! It’s a classic example of how you could use an outdoor setting to enhance the fairy tale vibe of a photo. Check out Jodi’s Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration.

Tips for Taking Fairy tale Wedding Photos

1. Focus on the Location

While you are photographing one of the biggest days of your couple’s lives, these types of weddings are best photographed when you also highlight the venue. Whether you take detail photos of the decor or go wide and cover the whole venue in all its whimsical glory, these weddings are all about documenting the majestic elements that make the air and whimsical vibes come alive.

2. Get Your Lighting Right

Lighting plays an important role in wedding photography, and when it comes to this wedding style, you need to pay extra attention to how you can use lighting to accentuate the softness of your subjects. These types of weddings are all about soft lighting, so whether it is the golden hour or the light from the sky lanterns, focus on taking advantage of light sources available to you naturally. If you are using flash, then try to experiment with different lighting, and go with one that doesn’t diminish the softness of your surroundings.

3. Posing Your Couples

Infographic stating think about posing techniques that showcase love and romance

A fairy tale wedding means your couple should look no less than a prince and princess about to begin their magical journey. So, keep them close to each other. Ensure that both are clearly visible while also ensuring that their body language conveys love and romance fit for a happy ending.

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4. Composition Rules

Whether you are shooting indoors or capturing the golden hour glow outside, your composition needs to be all things magical too. After all, every detail counts! If you are indoors, make sure you include all the fairy tale elements that highlight the couple instead of hiding them. If you photograph your couple outdoors, ensure that you are in a natural setting that complements your couple’s real-life fairy tale.

5. Include Props

Props can enhance the overall aesthetic of your photograph. Whether it’s the bridal bouquet or a vintage car, think of elements that easily blend into the composition, making them natural additions to your image. Your photo should convey grandeur that people only get to see in Disney fairy tales, so be mindful of the grand elements you plan to include in your photos. Overdoing the props might just create the opposite effect.

Infographic stating prepare a shot list for your next fairy tale wedding so you do not miss any details

Photographs from fairy tale weddings will always manage to take our breath away. There’s just something effortlessly regal and enchanting about those images. If your couple decides to opt for this wedding theme, make sure you have a shot list ready. There are just too many detail photos you cannot miss. Whether it’s the decor or the prince and princess in love, each photograph needs to be shot to perfection and tell a story. We hope these photographs by ShootDotEdit customers have given you some inspiration for how to get the most magical photographs. You can also look at our Instagram page to get more ideas on how to photograph such weddings.

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At ShootDotEdit, we love bringing you ideas that help you hone your photography skills. We also help to make your post-production workflow easier by taking editing off your plate. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, take a look at our price plans.

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