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Featuring Erin Morrison

Taking the guesswork out of client meetings is too much of a time saver for Erin Morrison, wedding photography expert, to worry about the potential fallout from oversharing. The Knoxville, Tennessee based wedding photographer believes knowledge is power, even when it comes to including information on her website that other photographers might consider counterintuitive, like listing her limited availability for elopements.

“We do elopements for 10+ people and we only do them Monday through Thursdays because we do our full weddings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” Erin admits that it can be scary to put those kinds of details online, but so far it has only helped her business. “Putting as much information on your site as possible ends up saving you time because the couples get clarity before they even contact you.”

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Establishing Credibility as an Expert

Along with including detailed descriptions of availability, packages, and event types on her website, Erin takes it a step further and educates potential clients through blog posts.

“I saw a need to help couples understand the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding.”

So Erin turned to Pinterest to get the word out and her post about elopements has been driving serious traffic to her website. “There is a lot to consider when you’re planning an event with 35 guests or one with under 10 guests and I wanted couples to understand the logistics and pricing before meeting or emailing back and forth.”

The spike in visibility also helps with Erin’s credibility as an expert in her field. “People are finding me through educational blog posts, verses just Google searches and social media.”

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Gaining Educated Clients

Erin says the candid blog posts are a push as well as a pull. “I may be pulling some couples to me, but I also may be pushing ones away.” In the long run, Erin believes that the educational posts and detailed website information are helping her gain the couples that understand what she does. And based on the fact that she turned off her 2019 calendar in July because she’s so full, her approach is working. “Even though my books are full, I still want to continue to build in other ways.”

Along with the blog posts, Erin sends out monthly newsletters with carefully thought out themes that are timely and most importantly, educational. Erin says she focuses on continuing to show her brand without coming off as email marketing that ends up unopened in the junk folder.

“We try to provide our readers with valuable information so when they click to open our newsletter, they have a lot of options that appeal to a variety of people.” But Erin doesn’t just hit send and hope for the best, as an expert, she’s incredibly involved in the marketing process and fine-tunes accordingly. “I get on analytics for the first half-hour when I send out a newsletter to see where people are clicking and what they are interested in and that helps me know where to market for the next newsletter.”

A black and white photo of bride and groom shot by Erin Morrison

Outsourcing for Business Growth

Erin doesn’t take all the credit for her recent media overhaul. Like most busy business owners, she outsources. “I hired a virtual assistant and she helped me focus my branding online.” In addition to a new assistant, Erin outsources some of her blog posts, uses a copy editor, and sends all of her photos to ShootDotEdit so she doesn’t have to spend her time editing after a wedding. “Anything that keeps me from being in front of my computer at night instead of reading books with my kid, I will absolutely outsource it.”

To find out more about Erin, stop by at her website or give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook. We love the work this talented wedding photographer sends in for editing and we’re sure you will, too!

Selling Yourself as Expert to Clients Erin Morrison

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