Marketing for your wedding photography business is one of the key ways to find and book clients who are perfect for you. Instagram is one of the biggest social media marketing platforms for wedding photographers. The efforts you place into Instagram allow you to reach a large audience of potential clients and attract them to your account.

Once you have them as followers, the next step is to encourage them to access your website and blog. Then, they may be more inclined to book you as their wedding photographer. How can you effectively turn your Instagram followers into customers? Below, we share 9 ways to get started.

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1. Create Trust

One of the major components to help you turn followers into customers is to create and build trust with them. Instagram allows you to share more details about you and your business with your followers. This helps humanize you and create trust with your followers. When followers trust you, they are more likely to look into your services and choose you over the competition.

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2. Stay Top of Mind

As your followers increase, actively like and comment on their posts. Use hashtags and handles which are relevant to the photos you share, and ones you know followers will search and click. Make sure you also add in your client and vendors’ handles to the posts. This notifies your clients you shared an image from their engagement or wedding, and gives credit to the vendors who contributed (and places your photo in front of their audience).

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3. Maintain a Following

When you have a strategy in place for your Instagram account, you can more easily maintain a following. Your strategy should include images which are posted at the perfect time for your followers. It should also include the best images from the wedding day shoot, which you received back from an outsource wedding photo editing company. Finally, the strategy you use needs to have links and calls-to-action to your website and blog. When you encourage your followers to access other platforms, you allow them to continue to get to know you better and view more of your work.


4. Make Followers Feel Special

One of the best ways for you to turn followers into customers is to make them feel special. When you make them feel special, they will more actively follow your posts and be more likely to work with you. To give them an exclusive experience on Instagram, share details and secrets you have not shared on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

5. Maximize Instagram Stories

With the addition of Instagram Stories to the social platform, it has become even easier to connect with your followers and increase trust. Use strategies to provide a sneak peek into an upcoming shoot or event, share more about you and your personal life, and even to promote blog posts and other resources on other platforms. Instagram Stories allow you to become even more personable with your followers, which makes them feel more connected to you and your photography business.

6. Include Links and Calls-to-Action

As you share posts and Instagram Stories, include links and calls-to-action to your website and blog. If you share a preview of a recent engagement session which will just posted on your blog, include that in your text or Story. Because you have to place links in your bio, create strong calls-to-action so followers know to access your bio and click on the link. The same goes for any contests, promotions, or news you post on your account.

7. Utilize Statistics

With programs like Iconosquare, you can monitor the success of your posts. This helps you post at the best times for your audience and feature images and Stories which they enjoy the most. Remember, the more active and consistent you are on Instagram, the more likely it will be that followers will look forward to your posts. When you are top of mind, they will think of you first when it is time to make a decision of who to hire.

8. Showcase Unique Qualities

When you post consistently, share more about yourself, and connect with your audience, your followers become more loyal to you. Create an Instagram account that your followers need to be a part of, which translates to your business. When followers see that you have a blast with clients and showcase stunning photos from every wedding, they will want to be a part of it. This is where Stories come in handy, since you can show more of your personality and unique qualities.

9. Hold a Contest

A quick way to encourage interaction on your account (and send followers to your website and blog) is to run an Instagram contest. Because you include prizes that are from your business, and discuss more about what you provide for your wedding clients, you encourage followers to connect with you and your business. How can you plan, execute, and monitor a successful contest on Instagram? Take a look here.

When you have followers who are loyal to you, they will be more engaged with your account. As you place links and encourage interaction on other platforms, your followers can access your website and blog. The key to turn Instagram followers into customers is to give them a positive experience with you so you can build their trust. What else can you do with your Instagram account to attract and book more customers? Our Guide, Instagram for the Wedding Photographer, shares essential tips and tricks to help! Grab it today.


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