Editorial Wedding Photography & Its Key Components

There are different wedding photography styles out there, and one of our favorites is the editorial style. Editorial wedding photography is popular among photographers who love a heavily styled and posed approach that looks like something out of a high-end fashion magazine. This style of photography does not appeal to every photographer – or every client – but if you are interested in knowing how it works, how it is different from other wedding photography styles, and how you can build it into your brand (or build your brand on it), read on.

What is Editorial Wedding Photography

Infographic stating if you love fashion, then editorial wedding photography might be for you

In simple terms, editorial wedding photography is a style that makes its subjects look like professionals ready to walk the runway. The photographs look as good as the ones in any fashion magazine. If this wedding photography style is your choice, your bridal portraits will mirror the covers of luxury fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle, and your groom’s photos are going to look like something straight out of GQ.

In recent times, it has gained popularity, and a lot of it might have to do with the ‘perfect’ pictures of brides and grooms on Instagram. The luxurious and glamorous vibe of this style of photography is what attracts couples to it. However, a lot of effort goes into making those photographs look like they belong in a magazine or on a billboard. An art form in itself, editorial wedding photography is more than just photos of the couples or their guests. It’s about showing a larger-than-life, over-the-top setting through images. And sure, the luxury venue or the yacht you are photographing on might add to that element of extravagance, but ultimately, it’s your vision and direction that make the photograph stand out.

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Elements of Editorial Wedding Photography

Like any other wedding photography style, the editorial wedding photography style has specific elements that differentiate it from the rest. Since this style of photography is heavily based on creating photographs that look extraordinary – the posing, lighting, and style have to be well planned. Here’s what you need to know about the different key elements of this photography style.

1. Posing

While some photographers build their stories by relying on candid shots, an editorial wedding photographer has to pose their models for most of the photos, even the ones that look candid. This heavily posed style of photography often poses couples separately but still together or in a manner where they are very precisely engaging each other. Even when other people are included in the shot, like the bridal party of the immediate family members, a photographer using the editorial wedding photography style will pose them in a creative way that suits this style.

2. Lighting

Infographic stating pay more attention to posing and lighting for editorial style photos

Since editorial wedding photography is about enhancing the setting by adding drama through different elements, the lighting in this style of wedding photography is also dramatic. Using lighting equipment is a big part of this wedding photography style, and since the photographer needs to keep posing the models, there’s enough time to fix lighting in between the shots. When you think of how these photos look, think dark and moody or dark and moody with a hint of a fairy tale element. If you are shooting a wedding using this style, you will most likely also spend some time editing the photos during post-production to get that perfect editorial look.

3. Themed

Besides wanting to look like models in their wedding photos, one of the main reasons why couples choose this photography style is due to its focus on storytelling. In this style of wedding photography, the images are composed and stitched together in a way that requires no words. Couples who want to relive their wedding day can essentially see the wedding day story unfolding using only the photographs taken. Everything is perfect, precise, and posed.

4. Style

Since this style of wedding photography focuses on making images look like they can be featured in high-end fashion or bridal magazines, the style of the models has to be impeccable! They don’t need to wear the latest trends or the most expensive jewelry, but the models have to look chic and fashionable. Besides the magic you create with your lens, it only makes sense for your models to wear high-end clothes and elegant jewelry to make them seem like they belong in a shoot fit for a fashion magazine too.

5. Unique Angles

It’s no secret that unique angles make us do a double-take at any image. One way you can showcase your creativity and enhance the setting you are in is by experimenting with different angles and perspectives. And this is ideal for when you are using this photography style. A wide-angle or close crop on details like jewelry or watches like you would see in a magazine ad are some of the common ways to highlight your style.

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How to Build Your Brand on Editorial Wedding Photography

1. Organize a Styled Shoot to Build Your Portfolio

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Participating in a styled shoot will not only help you practice and create editorial-style wedding images but also be instrumental in building a network with other wedding vendors, including photographers working in the same genre. It will also help you learn more about which lenses and equipment will work better for such shoots and act as a source of inspiration too. Through a styled shoot, you will be able to identify your limitations in this photography style and work on them to perfect your technique. Also, while learning, you might be able to get some photos that would be fit to add to your portfolio, which in return will help you attract clients for this type of wedding photography too.

2. Use Magazines Like Vogue For Inspiration

Editorial style wedding photography has its roots in fashion photography, and some bridal or fashion magazines can be one of the best sources to draw inspiration from. You can take a look at the cover images and other editorial shoots in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, or Elle. They will also help you get ideas on posing, dressing, and creating stunning wedding images against different backdrops. You might also be able to determine which expressions would suit your models the most in a wedding setting. This whole process will, in the end, better your editorial style photography skills and help establish your brand in this genre.

3. Market and Advertise to Clients Who are Fashion-Forward

Marketing and advertising to fashion-conscious and trend-loving couples can also help establish you as an editorial-style wedding photographer. These couples might just draw inspiration for their wedding photography through fashion magazines or fashion brand campaigns, and marketing your wedding photography business to this lot can help you attract your ideal clients. You can advertise your editorial-style wedding photos on social media or present them as fine art. You can also use your blog, Facebook, or Instagram posts to talk about wedding fashion and offer tips to couples who might be considering this style of wedding photography.

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Infographic stating make your clients look like they stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine

In the end, editorial wedding photography is about the drama, the fashion, and the beauty you create through your lens. It’s about enhancing the setting you are in and making your models look like they belong in a magazine. From the lighting to the style, everything has a role to play in this style of photography. And couples who pick this style of photography for their wedding are also those who are most likely to go the extra mile to help make your job easier. So, be prepared with your vision and let your creativity take over as you build a story through photography.

At ShootDotEdit, we love sharing tips and ideas with you to help you grow as a wedding photographer. We also strive to lessen your post-production workload so you can focus on honing your photography skills. If you want to know more about how we can help your wedding photography business through our professional photo editing services, check out our pricing plans!

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