Have you ever met Dotman? He is the ShootDotEdit mascott!

Lately he has been feeling slightly blue – the entire team has been very busy, and we haven’t been paying much attention to him. So, behind our backs, he packed up and took a road trip to visit one of our beloved clients, Liz Bradley!

They had a wonderful week together in Ottawa, Cananda. Cooking, playing with the dogs, and of course, good ol’ fashion hang out time. Also, they took it upon themselves to document their time together. DotMan is such a camera hog!! Sheesh!

Anyway, after taking a look at these, we decided it would not be right if we did not share them with all of you. Here is a small sample of Dotman’s trip to the Great White North, Cananda. Eh’!

P.S. Want to see more? Click HERE to check out the ShootDotEdit Facebook page too see the rest!

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