how to market your photography business with content marketing

As a wedding photographer, focusing on how to market your photography business is a fast way to get in front of ideal clients. Since there are various ways to utilize photography marketing in your business, ShootDotEdit President, Jared Bauman, connected with Bryan Caporicci of Sprouting Photographer in a podcast to discuss a particular type of marketing known as content marketing.

Content Marketing

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide photo editing services for photographers and also love to connect with industry leaders to share helpful and relevant information about ways to succeed as a photography business owner. Content marketing is about providing valuable resources to your current or potential clients through a variety of channels. These include social media, your blog, email campaigns, and even face-to-face. Continue reading to discover how to promote your wedding photography business with content marketing.

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Develop a Plan

Creating valuable content can take time, so re-evaluate where you are spending your hours. Dedicate time and energy to a solid content marketing plan. Partnering with a company like ShootDotEdit to take care of your wedding photo editing will allow you to spend less time behind the computer editing and more time on important aspects of your business. The true value of outsourcing is to allow yourself to spend time working on areas of your business that will help produce profit.


Identify Your Target Market

When you spend time getting to know your ideal clients, the more valuable resources you can provide to them. As a photographer, you have a robust knowledge of the overall wedding process. Take advantage of this and create content that can be shared with brides and grooms. Look at the path that clients follow throughout their wedding journey and provide valuable resources to make the process easier and alleviate some of their struggles.

The harder you work to define your ideal clients, the faster you can attract that specific audience to your work. Develop your voice and brand to provide true value to clients in your ideal market. Start thinking about how you can solve their problems, and create content based on those ideas. By helping them overcome obstacles and resolving issues, you build trust with clients, resulting in more bookings and referrals. Through successful content marketing, you can get your images in front of your ideal target market.

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Create Content

Once you have defined your target market, how do you get started in providing them with valuable content? As one of your marketing ideas, your images are a great place to begin. These are unique and representative of your brand. When brides and grooms are looking for advice and ideas, they often turn to photos. If your ideal clients love rustic, barnyard weddings, create a guide that walks them through the entire wedding process with this type of wedding being the focus. Share this on your blog, social media, through email, and to clients you meet with as they are still working through all of the wedding details. This is why it is so valuable to know your target market. You can provide specific content that is catered to them that will help solve their problems and increase their trust in you as a photographer.

Content creation can include an array of items, from guides to blogs to checklists. Each piece of content does not always have to be long super detailed. The key is to keep the content geared to what your ideal market will find valuable. Remember, help solve problems that are relevant for your ideal client.

Blog with Evergreen Content

Blogging is an essential part of content creation for your wedding photography business. It is a great way to get in front of ideal clients, vendors, and coordinators. While it may be simple for you to generate blog posts, strive to create a strategy with the content you post. Stop writing just to write. Dig deep into who your target audience is. When you personalize your content, you are defining your voice, your brand, as well as the feel and vibe of the post. These actions will assist you in your wedding photography marketing efforts and will help you attract ideal clients. Blog posts are evergreen content because even if you posted something a year ago, it still lives on and can be relevant to brides and grooms in search of a photographer now.

With weddings, the lifecycle of a bride looking for a photographer can be so short, so how do you ensure certain blog posts are seen if you published it a year ago? A great way to do this is to repurpose the content by including it in a guide you created, sharing it again through social media, and even reaching out to old clients and letting them know you featured their images in a blog post.

By doing this, it gives couples an opportunity to share it with their network of family and friends who are likely to have similar interests. The same goes for vendors when you use their images in a post – even if you do not have a strong connection with them, do not be afraid to send a friendly email and share the piece of content with them. Sometimes that’s the icebreaker you need to form a lasting relationship.

It’s important to think about how you can create opportunities for your followers and vendors to talk about you. Content marketing is a great way to do this. Spend time getting to know your ideal client and the areas that you can help them. Connect with vendors and make it a point to stay top of mind with them so they continuously refer clients to you. For additional information on how to market your wedding photography business, download our Marketing for Photographers Guide by clicking on the banner below!

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