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The wedding photography industry is fiercely competitive, making it challenging to stand out from the crowd. But fret not; a new approach is winning the hearts of many wedding photographers: The community over competition mindset. With a focus on nurturing business relationships and building a thriving community, this strategy offers a new perspective and presents a new approach to doing business. The community over competition mindset can help you establish a thriving wedding photography brand by helping you build meaningful relationships, share knowledge, and uplift your fellow photographers. This blog will delve into this mindset that is successfully disrupting the highly competitive wedding photography industry. Ready? Let’s dive into it.

Understanding The Community Over Competition Mindset

1. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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As business owners, we must embrace a community over competition ethos. But what does this entail, and why is it so critical for small businesses? It starts with giving credit where credit is due. Recognizing and crediting the photographers who inspire us means uplifting others and expanding the wedding photography industry’s collective growth.

Found something genuinely inspiring? Give the talent a shout-out. Share their work on social media, or add links to their websites or blogs in your posts. This way, we collectively promote and celebrate our industry’s creative diversity. Remember, this approach not only builds trust and goodwill with fellow photographers but also helps market your brand to an engaged, enthusiastic audience.

2. Choose To Collaborate

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Collaboration is another way to build relationships with other wedding photographers and grow your brand. Consider teaming up with another wedding photographer for a styled shoot or offering to second shoot for each other. Collaborating with others (especially as a beginner) can help you learn new skills, build your portfolio, and potentially reach new clients. 

Additionally, you could promote each other’s work, which is beneficial to both parties. Wondering how that works? It’s simple! Come together to work on a project where you both bring different expertise to the table. Take the example of photographing a luxury wedding, where the logistics and demand can require assistance from multiple talents. You may need someone solely focused on taking candids or details, another for following the shot list, someone else for the video aspect, and yet another for portraits. It might even require you to be in multiple places at once, making collaboration equally essential and beneficial.

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3. Rave And Refer

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As wedding photographers, you must recognize the importance of building and supporting communities. Sometimes, you may be fully booked for a date, or the client isn’t the right fit for you, and that’s okay. But instead of turning them away, you can offer something even better: A referral.

With the community-first approach, referrals become a mutually beneficial aspect of the job. When wedding photographers trust and respect each other, they are infinitely more likely to refer future clients to one another.

Remember that referrals have a lasting impact, and by connecting with fellow photographers, you open yourself up to new opportunities for growth and success. Empower each other by sharing the love of the craft within communities.

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4. Be A Part Of The Community

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Imagine a supportive and empowering network of wedding photographers who share knowledge, resources, and inspiration. By attending industry events, engaging with other photographers on social media, and participating in online forums, we elevate one another and encourage those around us. 

A crucial question to ask is, “How can competition affect communities?” In an industry that demands coexistence, competition can cause us to turn inward and focus entirely on our own success. In contrast, community over competition means placing value on collective success – supporting your fellow photographer friends, second shooters, videographers, and assistants. While the wedding photography industry can often feel isolating and fiercely competitive, being part of a supportive community of professionals can be a game-changer for building your brand and boosting your business.

It’s A Win-Win Deal!

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“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” This quote by Ayn Rand perfectly aligns with the community over competition approach. It’s time to shift away from the competition mindset and embrace collaboration and community to unlock the full potential of your wedding photography brand. Moreover, allow yourselves to tap into the rich resources of a like-minded group of passionate photographers to foster growth, inspiration, and mutual support.

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