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It’s busy season! With all the tasks on your plate (and zero extra minutes), it can be easy to get distracted from one of the best parts of being a photographer.

That’s why we reached out to top photography leaders to bring you our Annual Busy Season 2018 Issue, filled with tips, tricks, and suggestions from industry pros to help you make this your best busy wedding season yet!


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Busy Season 2018 Issue

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Article Contributors

Throughout the guide, we feature 3 articles from our pro contributors.

  • How to Stay Creative. Find out 4 ways to stay creative, even during the busiest months of the year, from Montana Dennis.
  • How to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed. Adam Shea, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, shares his tips to stay focused on what is most important for your photography business.
  • Busy Season Blogging Tips. Fotoskribe’sDiscover 4 successful blogging tips from Director of Content and Blogging Success, Melissa Dydyn.

Emergency Kit Essentials

We reached out to wedding pros to find out what they keep in their emergency kit for the wedding day. Take a look below at some of the answers:

  • Amy Rizzuto Photography
    • “Bandaids, bobby pins, hairspray, safety pins, and styling extras like ribbon and confetti.”
  • Catherine Taylor
    • “Black Duct tape, extra smallerGBb CF cards, non-rechargeable batteries, and velcro.”
  • Collin Pierson
    • “My emergency kit has a few essentials that were inspired by my wife, Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events. She is a wedding planner and has always insisted I carry a hook pen for putting eyelets on buttons (on the back of the dress,) a small sewing kit and some pain reliever. Those all three have come in handy plenty of times! Things I add to that are magnetic collar stays (for when the guys’ shirts look flabby; nobody likes a flabby collar!), a ring cleaning pen, and MAC cosmetics blotting papers for hot days. These absorb face oils and are magic!”
  • Daniel and Melissa
    • “Definitely earplugs! Music during the weddings can sometimes be super loud, especially while maneuvering around on the dance floor. Loud music every weekend over years and years can seriously damage your hearing. Also, cereal bars as a snack and water bottles are always with us at weddings. We also bring a bit of cash in case we have extra time for an unplanned coffee or snack that happens if things start later than expected.”
  • David N. Sachs
    • “It didn’t take long for me to learn how wonderfully appreciative brides are when you think about them! A handheld steamer, emergency sewing kit, fashion tape and bobby pins are just a few of the items that are guaranteed to make my brides not only appreciate the extra mile but tell their friends and referrals about the little ways our team makes a big difference on the big day.”
  • Ella Gagiano
    • “I LOVE everything in my bag! Most important to me is having the right gear. If you have the right gear there should not be an emergency. I LOVE my sonyRiii and my godoxAD200’s with the MagMod modifiers help me to great amazing photographs for my clients. There will always be an extra body and an extra trigger (for the godox flashes) in my bag. Some other items I never leave behind are my ICElights. If its a fashion shoot clamps are a must. I normally have some items just always in my car to make sure if I need it, I have it on hand (a reflector, small light stands, and a softbox).”
  • Emily and Ryan
    • “Our emergency kit consists of migraine medicine, Tylenol, bottled water, a tide pen for that unexpected stain, a sewing kit for a quick fix on a dress/tux, mints for that fresh before the first kiss breath, lint roller, sunblock, and safety pins.”
  • Jelger and Tanja
    • “Bottles of water, energy bars, deodorant (one for her and one for him), mints, hand towelettes, tissues, bobby pins, safety pins, a sewing kit (travel size), spot remover pen, hem tape, blister pads, painkillers (e.g. ibuprofen or Tylenol), eye drops, band-aids, matches, plastic rain ponchos (also handy to sit on), toothpicks/dental floss, hairspray (travel size), and a lint roller.”
  • Leeann Marie
    • “A credit card for random purchases on the day-of, backup gear, and bandaids.”
  • Paul and Sumee
    • “A box of chewing gum, cereal bars, Advil, bandaids, Dramamine (because I often have to take pictures in a limo or party bus and I get nauseous when shooting in a moving vehicle), an extra shirt (because I tend to sweat a lot on hot days), and an extra pair of pants (because earlier in my career I broke my pants while crouching down and I had to finish the wedding with a sweater around my waist). I also carry a sewing kit and a Tide stain remover, but these are for my brides just in case.”
  • Savannah Chandler
    • “I always try to keep an emergency kit that has items for both a bridal emergency, as well as a photographer emergency. I carry a small sewing kit, bandaids, bobby pins, a hair tie, a tide pen, and chapstick in my small bridal kit. For my personal kit, I keep an extra pair of shoes, an extra pair of pants (and have had to use them!), AA batteries, a Canon battery charger, an extra camera strap and D rings, a tiny screwdriver, and DEET.”

We also asked the pros to share what item in their emergency kit saved the day this busy season. See page 10 in the guide to find out the answers.

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Photographer Spotlight

On page 11 and 13 of the busy season 2018 issue of the magazine, meet ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Jodi Betancourt. Find out how she got started in photography, what her favorite gear is, and much more (plus see her amazing images!).

Amazing Photographer Images

We love to share amazing, inspirational images with you from the wedding photography community. Check out page 16 of the busy season 2018 issue for a few of our favorites. And since we can only fit some of our favorites, follow us on Instagram for more!

Partner Promotions

We love partnering with the best of the best in the photography industry. And starting on page 20, we’re bringing you amazing promotions from some of those leaders for your wedding photography business.

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