Bride and groom standing in front of a doorway at someplace in the UK

Featuring Anna Marie Cooper, Alistair Jones, and Aaron Morris

Our customers hail from all over America and abroad. We often highlight our stateside standouts, but we thought it would be nice to show the UK some love. We interviewed three exceptional UK-based photographers and learned quite a bit about the wedding industry across the pond.

Wedding Photography in the UK

The UK is known for its gorgeous landscapes and our featured photographers have been lucky enough to shoot in some of the most picturesque in all the land.

A bride standing in front of a flower decorated doorway
Photo by Anna Marie Cooper of Photography by Anna Marie

When Anna Marie Cooper launched Photography by Anna Marie nearly 7 years ago, she had only dreamed of shooting in epic locations like Gosfield Hall — a wedding location she was able to check off her bucket list just this year.

A Land of Iconic Wonder

There are few places more iconic than Stonehenge and Alistair Jones with Ideal Imaging knows how fortunate he is to have shot there. “It was the most surreal photographic experience of my life — a 5am pagan hand-fasting ceremony on one mid summer’s misty morning last year.”

As for our third featured photographer, Aaron Morris with Beyond the Frame Photography feels privileged to have been able to photograph a wedding at Hedsor House, which is a stately home in the south of the UK.

A couple holding each other
Photo by Aaron Morris of Beyond the Frame Photography

A Common Love for All Things Autumn

One thing all of our UK Photographers have in common is their love of Autumn weddings in the area. Anna’s favorite time to photograph is late September when the leaves are turning and the skies are incredibly vibrant and colorful.

Accountant turned Photographer Alistair is drawn to the colors the brides choose in their styling and appreciates what he calls “lower expectations” for the weather in the fall.

A silhouetted image of a couple by Alistair Jones - a UK wedding photographer
Photo by Alistair Jones of Ideal Imaging

The light — or lack thereof — is what has Aaron singing September’s praises. “It gets dark quickly which means I can set lights up and do something crazy and artistic for the end of the evening photograph.”

Even though our three Pro’s have shot at locations most of our stateside photographers have only dreamed of, they still have wish lists for their own backyards. A common goal is capturing a mix of castles and coastlines.

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland comes to mind for Alistair, as well as locations on the Cornwall and Welsh coastlines. Aaron’s dream UK location is Chatsworth House, a manor house he calls a photographer’s dream.

As for faraway places: Anna sees herself capturing unforgettable moments on a beach in Mexico, while Aaron and Alistair are hoping to make it to New Zealand someday.

To stay up to date on the work of these three talented UK wedding photographers, follow them on Instagram @beyondtheframephotography, @photobyannamarie, and @ideal_imaging_photography. We love the work they do and we’re thrilled to have them as part of our SDE Customer Base in the UK!

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