An important part of your role as a wedding photographer is to build lasting relationships with clients and vendors. Other relationships to work on are with your fellow photographers. When you make connections with other pros in the industry, you broaden your reach with ideal clients. In our Online Training: 7 Easy Marketing Ideas Which Are Right Under Your Nose, The Scobeys shared how you can build relationships with fellow photographers to help you book more weddings. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Find Like-Minded Photographers

Every wedding photographer has a unique photography style that attracts a certain type of client. To build relationships and encourage more referrals for your business, find like-minded photographers who work with clients similar to your ideal client. These are your peers who can help you book more weddings and grow your business. The connections you make can be ones you keep for years to come and can benefit your photography business.

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Create a Facebook Group

Once you find like-minded photographers, reach out and invite them to connect with you. A simple way to do this is to create a Facebook group, where you all can stay in touch. In the group you create, you can share clients who would be perfect for your fellow photographers. These are clients that initially approach you, but your schedule is booked. The photographers in your group are more likely to do the same to you if they are booked.

“Clients are more likely to book someone they are referred to, as opposed to someone that just found them.” – The Scobeys

Another benefit of the Facebook group is you can learn from your peers. The photography industry constantly changes, and it can be helpful to learn new tips and tricks to attract ideal clients from those around you.

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Foster the Relationship

A Facebook group is a great way to stay in touch with other photographers and share about upcoming events and clients. Another way to ensure you stay connected is to foster the relationship. Let the photographers in your community know you are invested by inviting them out for coffee, or catching up with them if there is an event happening. The more effort you place into the relationship, the easier it will be for them to trust you and want to send you referrals.

When you create a referral network with fellow photographers in the industry, you can work with more of your ideal clients and continue to grow your business. What other strategies can you use to attract clients and book more weddings? Download your copy of our Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers to discover techniques you can implement into your business today!

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