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A bridal bouquet is a collection of carefully selected flowers that the bride holds as she walks down the aisle (and poses for her wedding day photos). Most brides come up with their own unique wedding bouquets, which is why they deserve your focus on the wedding day too. The bouquet completes the bride’s look and is certainly one of the highlights of the wedding (remember the bouquet toss?). From exotic flowers to the springtime classics, no matter the kind of flowers – one common thing about all bouquets is how breathtakingly stunning they all look, naturally making bridal bouquet photography an essential part of the big day. And this blog includes 5 bridal bouquet photo ideas just for you!

5 Bridal Bouquet Photo Ideas

Complementary to her dress, the bride’s beautiful wedding bouquet is a way of expressing her style, personality, and unique taste. And here are a few bridal bouquet photography ideas that could help you shine the spotlight on her precious blooms.

1. Zoom In On The Details

an image of a bride holding a wedding bouquet
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One common bridal bouquet photo idea is to zoom in on the details. Since each bride’s bouquet is unique, taking detail shots of the flowers will also help you enhance the wedding day story you are trying to tell. The close-up frame gives you the opportunity to perfectly photograph the vibrant colors of the flowers, buds, leaves, as well as the entire color palette she’s picked. While taking pictures of the bridal bouquet, try to place it in such a way that the bulk of the flowers are a part of the frame, showcasing each flower and placement gracefully. Detail shots of the bride’s floral arrangements can be taken on its own (try to find complementary backdrops for it) or even when it’s in your bride’s hands. 

Pro tip: Try to make sure that you take these bridal bouquet photos at the beginning of the wedding day – when your bride’s wedding flowers are fresh, and the colors are vibrant.

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2. The Bride And The Bouquet 

an image of a bride in a beautiful wedding attire with a bridal bouquet
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A few moments alone with your bride to capture her final look is a must. You can choose to be indoors or outdoors (or both) and work with the lighting for the perfect solo bridal portraits. However, to add some sentimental value to the images or to simply help your bride feel less awkward about where to place her hands – you could have her hold her bouquet. 

For this bridal bouquet photo idea, you could try a combination of poses like having her sit on a chair by the window and look directly at you or stand outdoors while looking into the distance with her bouquet in her hands or simply flash her pearly whites as she holds the flowers. Once you are done with the classic go-to poses, experiment with some fun poses if she’s up for it. 

3. The Couple With The Bridal Bouquet

a wedding couple walking in a field while the groom is holding the bridal bouquet
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @breonnawellsphotography

Whether they do a first look or pose together after the ceremony, posing your bride and groom with the bridal bouquet is another bridal bouquet photography idea that could be perfect for the wedding day photos. The bride might not feel awkward about her empty hands around her groom but having her (or him) hold her bouquet for a shot is a classic, picture-perfect photo that they might even consider placing on top of their mantelpiece. 

If you’re taking couples portraits outdoors and want some candid images of the couple, you could simply ask them to walk towards you. This way, the bride’s bouquet will also be in full view, and you will get some lovely candids of them. A classic candid would be a shot of your bride and groom walking up the aisle together after being pronounced as husband and wife! For a more posed photo, you could ask your couple to face each other and pose them forehead to forehead as the groom holds the bride by her waist and she holds onto his shoulder with one hand and to the bouquet with the other. Depending on the kind of photos your couple wants, there’s lots of poses you can try. 

4. Bridesmaid Bouquet Inspiration Photo Ideas

an image of the bride holding her wedding bouquet posing along with her bridesmaids
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @breonnawellsphotography

Whether their dresses are similar or not, the bridesmaids’ bouquets are likely to have some similarities to the bride’s bouquet. Besides going through hundreds of bridal bouquet ideas, the bride also puts in a lot of effort to finalize the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Therefore, photographing the bride and her bridal party with their bouquets could be used as another bridal bouquet photo idea.

For this shot you could simply ask the bride and her bridesmaids to stand in a single file and show off their big bright smiles. You could also ask them to hold the bouquets behind them and shoot from the back. This would be a great way to not only add another perspective but also showcase a different angle of their dresses! Again, if you want something a little less posed, you could simply ask the ladies to walk towards you while still talking to each other.

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5. Use Unique Close Cropping Techniques

an image of the bridal bouquet in the hands of a bride in her wedding dress
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

Ever seen photos where you can’t see the bride’s face, but you can see that she’s holding the bridal bouquet? Your bride probably saw such photos while looking for bridal bouquet ideas because that’s a close cropping technique that many wedding photographers use for all sorts of portraits, especially ones that feature the bridal bouquet. All you’ll have to do is have the bride pose in a way that gives you a good view of the bouquet and either shoot by following the cropping technique or take a regular portrait and add the close cropping technique during the post-production stage. Just try to make sure that the bouquet stays in focus.

Cropping photos might generally be used for removing unwanted objects from images, but in this case, it could help you add variety to the bridal bouquet shots and get that one image that 

stands out from the rest. If you don’t have too much experience with this technique, we’d suggest you take the full portrait and experiment as you edit during post-production.  

Add Bridal Bouquet Photography Ideas To Your Shot List

a wedding couple standing in a grass field looking at each other smiling with the bridal bouquet in hand
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

The spirited charm and effervescent beauty that bridal bouquets add to a bride’s look is truly iconic. And the bridal bouquets are certainly here to stay. Whether you choose to zoom in to the details or use impressive techniques to capture the beauty of your bride and her bouquet, try to photograph these simple wedding bouquet ideas in your next shoot for some awe-inspiring pictures!

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