Ask Anything: Live Q+A with Wedding Photographer Jared Platt

Supported by B&H Photo Video and ShootDotEdit, wedding photographer Jared Platt is hosting a Live Q+A! As the industry’s workflow and efficiency expert, he has plenty to share. Jared will bring his expertise to you, and you can ask him ANYTHING!

Ask Anything with Jared Platt: a Live Q+A

Wednesday, October 4th
10am PDT

Big News RSVP to our Live Q+A and be automatically entered to win a Lighting Accessory Bundle from B&H Photo Video, which includes a Digital Flash 2 Umbrella Mount Kit and Soft Padded Carrying Case!

sunset outdoor wedding photography

Image by Jared Platt

Jared Platt is a professional destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the photography industry’s recognized workflow and efficiency expert and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photographic Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University. He has hosted several Online Trainings with us and has been featured in plenty of our guides in the past. Each include topics that revolve around Lightroom, unique photography styles, and workflow. Now, he is joining us for a Live Q+A, where every photographer can bring their questions and get them answered!

Ask the expert all your questions, LIVE!

  • How do you network?
  • What are your go-to gear suggestions?
  • Lightroom shortcuts?
  • Tips for faster post-wedding workflow?
  • Best lighting techniques?
  • What else do you want to know?

Throughout Live Q+A with Jared Platt, you can:

  • Find out what his go-to gear is for every shoot
  • Learn, grow, and connect with your fellow photographers
  • Gain expert tips to help you work quickly and efficiently in Lightroom

Secure your spot today and get your questions ready for October 4th at 10am PDT! Don’t forget, when you RSVP, you are automatically entered to win a Lighting Accessory Bundle, which includes a Digital Flash 2 Umbrella Mount Kit and Soft Padded Carrying Case from B&H Photo Video!

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