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Are your couples fans of Gothic-style buildings, or did they request you to incorporate Disney-inspired castles into their engagement session as an ode to their love for the fantasy world? Whatever be the demand, creating some architecture-inspired engagement photos is a great way to add a unique look to your images. From showcasing majestic arches to taking photos of your couples against gorgeous stone-engraved stairs, adding a striking piece of architecture could add a classy feel to your images. And the good news is you don’t have to necessarily resort to noted architectural wonders to get a stellar shot. Simply incorporate any interesting structural elements that you find at your couple’s engagement session venue. How? Take a look at these 12 breathtaking architecture-inspired engagement photos taken by some of ShootDotEdit customers. Don’t forget to make a note of how you can put these ideas to use at your next shoot!


12 Architecture-inspired Engagement Photos

1. Kelly Is Wilde

A couple portrait in front of a white wall with windows
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

This sweet and simple shot of the lovely couple in an embrace is just what we were talking about when we said you don’t have to always go for the high and lofty when it comes to imbibing architecture into your couples portraits to create an element of interest. Simply look for something eye-catching at the location! The symmetry and the center-placing of the couple against a large chequered window beautifully draw the viewer’s attention to the subject – the couple. We are definitely rooting for this amazing image by Kelly Wilde from Kelly is Wilde to draw inspiration from during your next engagement session.

2. Lovers Of Love

A couple posing under a doorway while holding hands
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @loversoflove

Dana and Nate
from Lovers of Love, a part of our ShootDotEdit customer community, did this gorgeous engagement session at Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California. Just take a look at how this husband-and-wife team used the greenhouse arch to create this wonderful portrait of their couple. The arch above and the line of cacti below beautifully double up as a natural frame and help highlight the couple in such a creative way. What a fantastic architecture-inspired engagement photo!

3. Flavio D Photography

A couple posing while sitting in front of a doorway Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography

This one is such a beautiful, color-coordinated engagement image by SDE customer Flavio DeBarros from Flavio D Photography. The downward progression from the door to the stairs to the pavement and then the couple, at the center of the shot, works perfectly here. The grays of the cobbled street add so much depth to the image and blend beautifully with the orange hues of the wall and the brick-laid pavement, with the giant flower pots sitting pretty on either side of the door behind the couple. The pumpkins out there exude a lovely Halloween vibe. The best part of this image? It is so easy to create even at the doorstep of your couple’s home!

4. Sara France Photography

A couple posing standing on a black-colored rock cliff for an engagement session
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @sarafrance

If this stellar engagement photo by our customer Sara France from Sara France Photography gives you Game of Thrones vibes, we’d only nod in agreement! Using the concept of negative space, the image was taken in Iceland on a really stormy day! The basalt columns here form a dramatic solid black backdrop for this charming couple’s engagement image. A brilliant idea to turn your couple’s photos into something straight out of the fantasy land and create an iconic image.

5. Photography By Orlando

A couple posing on a street side in front of NBC Studios on an engagement session
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

This dreamy architecture-inspired engagement photo taken by Orlando Oliveira from Photography by Orlando looks like a still from a romantic Hollywood movie to us! The sunlight trickling from behind, the sea of clouds in pinkish hues, trailing cars, pastel-colored Art Deco-style buildings dotting either side of the busy thoroughfare, and a couple locked in an embrace just set the tone right for this gorgeous image. You could give this one a try with your couple who’s keen on showcasing the cityscape in their engagement photography. Maybe you could just venture out to the street outside your couple’s engagement session venue with them (of course, keeping road safety in mind!) to create one of those stunning urban architecture-inspired images in your own unique style.

6. Apollo Fields

A couple kissing in front of a bridge by the lakeside
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

Heather and Terrence
from Apollo Fields created this gorgeous light and airy engagement image of their couple against an impressive backdrop of a majestic bridge. The lush greenery, the beautiful boat, the tranquil waterbody, and the cityscape in the background beautifully bring together the whole image. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes but also super romantic! A lovely image to draw inspiration from, we say!

7. Brandi Allyse Photo

A reflection of a couple posing for a kiss while sitting on the stairs
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

This stunning image by SDE customer Brandi Allyse Salerno from Brandi Allyse Photo with the reflection of a couple in a puddle of water stealing a kiss is a great example of how creative angles and framing can turn an ordinary surrounding into an atmospheric setting. To add more depth to the photo, Brandi brilliantly composed the shot to incorporate the reflection of the building behind in the image, with also a few tree branches mirrored in the water and breaking the monotony of the concrete structure. That’s some thought put into a great architecture-inspired engagement photo!

8. Looyenga Photo

A bird's eye view of a couple lying down on a bridge
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

Now, that’s one epic architecture-inspired engagement photo by our customer Brent Looyenga from Looyenga Photo. Not only is it a beautiful example of aerial photography or drone photography but also another example of negative space photography. The image perfectly highlights the bridge on which the couple is posing, giving a feel of its expansive length. The juxtaposition of the earthy shades of the bridge against the mesmerizing deep green hues of the still water cuts out any distractions, leading the viewer’s eye straight to the couple. If you want to try something similar, don’t forget to obtain your permission for drone photography.

9. Wild Trail Studio

A couple holding hands and posing in front of a clock tower during night time
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brianbossany

Whoa! This engagement image is giving us major festive feels, and at the same time, it looks straight out of a princess story when she finally unites with her Prince Charming! This photo taken by SDE customer Brian Bossany from Wild Trail Studio can easily qualify as one of the most gorgeous architecture-inspired engagement photos. From that castle-like architecture – complete with a clock tower – exuding an old-world charm and the illuminated modern edifices bordering the central structure to the trees lit up with fairy lights, the setting is befitting for an ethereal couple photo. The sky gleaming with the city lights only adds to the dreamy quality of the photo.

10. Infinite Loop Photography

A frame of a couple holding each other through the railings
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

If you ever wondered what use those molded concrete pillars have when it comes to photography, here is a truly impressive image by Jerry Cantave from Infinite Loop Photography. A peek at the couple knotted in a soft embrace through the molded concrete pillars is just so pretty! Also, the beams supported by pillars add layers of depth to this architecture-inspired engagement photo.

11. Love By Joe Mac

A monochrome image of a couple
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @lovebyjoemac

What a gorgeous black and white architecture-inspired engagement photo! This image created by our customer Joseph McFetridge from Love by Joe Mac exudes vintage charm and grace. We just love the classic pose of the couple, with the groom seated and the bride standing behind him. So simple yet so elegant! And so easy to recreate. You can also try something similar and showcase the beautiful architecture around your couple’s engagement venue. In a way, such a shot will give you the opportunity to document how your couple’s engagement venue looks when the photo is taken. Years later, if the location undergoes architectural changes, your couple will still have the image to revisit the old vibes through your photo. Talk about freezing time in a frame!

12. Robb McCormick Photography

A silhouette of a couple looking at each other standing under a doorway
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @robbmccormickphotography

Stellar! That’s the word for this engagement image photographed by SDE customer Robb McCormick from Robb McCormick Photography. What gorgeous combination of lines, symmetry, and reflections – all in one single photo. The silhouette of the couple lost in the moment is absolutely stunning. The colors blend so well, creating a soothing visual for the viewer. Easily a great architecture-inspired engagement photo!

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