ShootDotEdit has acquired Fotoskribe.

Fotoskribe is the leading expert in blogging as-a-service for the Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Over the years, Fotoskribe has earned the trust and reputation of creating best in class content and image publishing for its customers. They specialize in matching the voice and style of each photography business they serve. We have been especially inspired by Fotoskribe’s repeated ability to get Google’s attention and thereby increase the SEO rankings of their clients. For these reasons and many others, it made good sense to align with and purchase them.

Last year, we announced the introduction of “Extra,” FREE event gallery hosting, event gallery marketing, and event gallery sales for all ShootDotEdit customers. This announcement was a giant step toward creating a linear workflow path, one that cuts out all of the painful zig-zags and stop gaps that come with building, managing, and selling event images. “Extra” does all of these difficult and time-consuming tasks for our customers, for free. The purchase of Fotoskribe is another exciting step toward that same goal of empowering and enabling the success of Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

For Jared Bauman and I (co-founders of ShootDotEdit), our position is the same today as it was in 2005 when we decided we must let go of business tasks preventing us from succeeding: do what you do best and outsource the rest. As the professional photography economy of “fast” increases its speed, there just isn’t enough time in business to do it all. And yet, it all needs to get done in order to compete, in order to succeed.

Moreover, the new social and networking demands for the Pro Photographer are more time and energy consuming than ever before. And so, the acquisition of Fotoskribe is another service that naturally aligns with what we believe is a needed service for Pro Photographers who want to succeed and profit in their business.

I’m excited; we’re excited. 🙂 We hope you are too.

In conclusion, if you have questions, make it a point to connect with Fotoskribe: LEARN MORE. Or, feel free to call 415.692.3669 to talk personally with an expert about how Fotoskribe can help you and your business.

I invite you to join us on this journey of what new success looks like for the Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

Pursuing Excellence,

Garrett Delph
Proud Husband and Father of 4
CEO / Co-Founder

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