As many successful photographers would attest to, one key to growing your business is letting go. Outsourcing things that you don’t have to do saves you time and actually makes you more money. You’re not stuck behind the computer doing countless hours of color correction or album design that someone else would love to do. Instead, you’re out doing what you love and what generates a profit!

Align Sample Album Design 1

Image by Jeremy Chou Photography

The Partnership between ShootDotEdit and Align Album Design creates the perfect color correction and album design duo for your business. After sending your images to ShootDotEdit to dial in your color corrections, letting Align design your album is a perfect next step for a seamless post production workflow.

We know that this kind of partnership can be key to a professional wedding photographer, and we spent quite awhile finding the perfect partner. Along with their clean and classic designs, here’s what we love about Align:

  • Great customer service – they strive to know your style more & more each time they work with you. They work with you to ensure that their albums fit within your personalized brand.
  • Align uses Album Exposure to proof the album to your couple. This streamlines the revision process and allows your couples to leave comments directly under each spread.
  • They are FAST, and as we say at ShootDotEdit, Fast is Best! Design turnaround time can be completed in 4 business days or less! Quicker turnaround means happier clients, which can lead to more profit for you and your business.
  • They are only $4/page or $8/spread, including three rounds of revisions!
  • Once the design is finalized, you can download the layouts as .jpgs or layered .psds, and send them on to the album company of your choice for printing and binding.

Align Sample Album Design 3

Image by Jeremy Chou Photography

If you are finding yourself in the midst of busy season and the album requests are piling up, do yourself and your business a favor and let ShootDotEdit and Align help you out. Become free to work on your business, rather than for your business.

To learn more and get your first Align design 1/2 off, click HERE.

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