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As a wedding photography editing service, we have the privilege of chatting with and learning more from professional photographers worldwide. Most successful wedding photographers have a unique “Signature Style” of their own. It is the personalized creative touch that they are recognized and known for, and one of the reasons clients decided to book them. How do you preserve that look and style if you choose to partner with a specialist for your post-processing? How does that Signature Style shine through?

ShootDotEdit believes in the 90/10 model of outsourcing. Jared Platt, Wedding Photographer, and host of several of our Lightroom Webinars explains in the video below how the 90/10 model of outsourcing was an epiphany for him:

“I only really need to be involved in the 10%, the icing on the cake. The science is ShootDotEdit’s job, and the style is my job.”

ShootDotEdit handles the science of color correction according to your selected color profile. When you receive your images back, they are ready for you to add your personal style. The heavy lifting, 90% of the work, is done, and now you can layer in your own creative vision.

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By adding your Signature Style, the extra 10%, you aren’t undoing the editing that has already been done. Instead, you are taking it one step further and adding the artistic flair that is exclusive to you and your brand. Because your personal style is unique to your business, potential clients take your style into consideration when searching for the perfect wedding photographer. By keeping a consistent Signature Style, not only will you book more clients because you are focusing on an artistic style that is unique to you, but you will also book clients that are the right fit for your business.

In a past webinar, Jared Platt explains how easy it is to make global tweaks to a group of color-corrected images in Lightroom. By staying in the Library module and using the Quick Edit or Spray Can tool on a group of images, you can make adjustments to all of the ones you have selected. You can also apply presets to the group of images in this way. The biggest benefit is that these additions can be applied on top of the corrections you receive from ShootDotEdit, allowing you to add your Signature Style quickly and easily. The time saved editing can be used to grow other areas of your business and book more clients.

While ShootDotEdit delivers images that are fully color corrected and ready for client delivery, we encourage you, as the photographer and the artist, to take the opportunity to bring your images from amazing to extraordinary by adding your Signature Style. By partnering with ShootDotEdit and the services offered, you can do this quickly and efficiently, allowing you to deliver these stylized images to your clients without having to use all of your creative energy.

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