With each wedding you shoot, there is a moment specifically catered toward the bride. Her portraits are the time for you to document her beautiful dress, hair, makeup, and accessories. Of the important images you take during the wedding day, bridal portraits are one the bride will look forward to. Since you shoot portraits for every bride, finding new ways to light and pose them can keep your images fresh and relevant. To inspire your creativity, here are 9 stellar bridal portraits from pro wedding photographers.

1. CHARD Photographer

Rich Lander of CHARD Photographer captured a stunning shot of the bride’s dress during her portraits.

A solo shot of the bride as she stands facing away from the camera and turning her head back.

Image by Chard Photographer

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2. Anna Marie Weddings

This is such a lovely image and perspective of the bride by ShootDotEdit Customer, Anna Marie Weddings!

A bridal portrait of the side of the bride in a room with plans and she is holding on to some sort of tall shelf.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Anna Marie Weddings

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3. France Photographers

ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, France Photographers, captured this unique perspective of the bride during her bridal portraits!

A wedding photo of the bride standing behind a fence and looking toward the side with her eyes partially closed.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, France Photographers

4. Nicole Ashley Photography

The bride’s gorgeous dress and the sun shining through makes for a stellar photo by Nicole Ashley Photography!

Image by Nicole Ashley Photography

5. Ella Gagiano

What a stunning pose and photo by Ella Gagiano that captures the bride’s gorgeous dress!

A bridal portrait of the side of the bride and her head turned toward the camera, with her dress train flowing all around her, taking up the majority of the bottom half of the wedding photo.

Image by Ella Gagiano

6. BOM Photography

What a stunning shot of the bride and her dress, with the lights in the background, by BOM Photography!

Outdoor bridal portraits with trees that have lights on them blurred in the background, while the bride with blonde hair pulled back holds the sides of her strapless wedding dress and looks down at her left hand.

Image by BOM Photography

7. © Jorge Santiago

Such a great shot of the bride putting on her makeup before she heads to the ceremony by © Jorge Santiago, a ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro!

The bride with a short veil over her face is sitting a car, putting on her red lipstick with a compact mirror.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, © Jorge Santiago

8. Brian Hatton

Such a gorgeous image by Brian Hatton; the light coming through the door highlights the bride’s dress perfectly!

A wedding bridal portrait of the bride facing the door, her back to the camera and natural light coming in to highlight her and the details of her wedding dress.

Image by Brian Hatton

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9. Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

This is a wonderful portrait by Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers, a ShootDotEdit Customer, of the bride and her stunning dress!

An outdoor bridal shoot with a light brown building behind the bride, who is holding her bouquet to her side and her veil is flowing in the wind on the opposite side.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

What did you think of these stellar bridal portraits from a few wedding pros? We’re pretty inspired by them, so we hope they ignite your creativity for your upcoming shoots! To create the best images possible for your bride, and throughout the entire wedding day, you must use proper lighting and posing. Grab our free Guide, Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing, to implement new techniques in your shoots! Click on the banner below to download it today.

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