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As a wedding photographer, you're well aware that lighting is key to capturing the perfect shot, but we all know that it can be a tricky beast to conquer. When shooting in unfavorable lighting situations, it can be challenging to achieve desired results without the right tools. Enter, video lights, the instrumental pieces of equipment that let you easily adjust and create the perfect lighting setups, whether you're capturing the romantic ceremony or the energetic reception. From understanding the basics of light placement, how they interact with the environment and all the way about its features and applications - these tips will give you the knowledge and skill needed to get professional-level shots. So let's dive right in!

What Are Video Lights?

Video lights are powerful photography lighting tools capable of adding special effects to your images. They come bundled with color filters in various sizes and unique features. The most important thing to consider when choosing a camera video light is the amount of light it produces. Its size can also affect the output, so it is crucial to pick one that meets your needs.

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10 Tricks To Use Video Lights For Wedding Photography

Video lights can be used to create stunning photos that capture the beauty of any wedding day. Whether natural light is unavailable or you want to add extra special touches to your pictures, video lights are surprisingly simple but highly effective when photographing couples in love. Here are ten tricks for using video lights for wedding photography:

1. Position The Light Correctly

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First and foremost, try considering the position of the light when employing video lights. You need to position the light in such a way as to illuminate your couple without causing any unflattering shadows. When shooting outdoors, you need to be extra cautious about the video light’s position, as the light can cause harsh shadows. 

2. Create Dramatic Effects

Ring lights are a handy tool to create dramatic effects in your couple’s wedding photos. They are great for video recording and portrait photography, as they can help create soft light. You can place this light around your camera lens or on a light stand near your couple. Experimenting with the placement of the ring light can also significantly impact the outcome and bring out the desired effects.

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3. Overpower The Ambient Lighting

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Low ambient lighting can give you some hiccups during a wedding shoot, especially if you are shooting in a reception hall with low lighting. In such cases, video lights are a great way to outshine ambient lighting and adequately highlight your couple. Focusing the beam angle directly on the subject can empower you to capture the details accurately.

4. Provide A Constant Light Source

The benefit of using video lights for photography is that they can serve as a constant light source.  The continuous light source property is beneficial when shooting outdoors at night, as most cameras struggle to focus in the dark. Using a video light as the primary light source can help your camera seamlessly focus on subjects. It will also help save you time, as you won’t have to stress over additional off-camera flashes.

5. Highlight Details

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Video lights also come in handy to highlight essential details in your couple’s wedding pictures. For instance, then can be used to properly illuminate and capture the intricate details of the couple’s rings sans any harsh shadows. You can also use it to highlight the cake or other decorations during the wedding reception.

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6. Adjust The Brightness

Another great thing about video lights is their ability to adjust the brightness according to the situation quickly. There can be instances where you might need a bright light or when you want to produce dark shadows on one side of a detail shot. 

7. Control Color Temperature

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LED video lights allow you to control the color temperature, which is excellent for matching the color temperature of the light to the surrounding environment. While most LED lights have a remote control, an external control system can also help get the desired color temperature.

8. Use Color Filters Or Gels

Using gels or color filters for your video light can make for interesting images, as they add energy to the scene with a particular color. Making subtle changes with color filters can empower you to create dynamic images of a wedding day. Try placing warmer colors on your couple while using a cool gel to highlight the background to create a mood for your pictures.

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9. Use Barn Doors

There might be instances where you would want to shape or direct the light in a way that flatters your couple or the subject you focus on. In such cases, barn doors and metal attachments for video lights can help you control the beam angle. You can also use this accessory to focus the light on a smaller detail or area from a location.

10. Feather The Light

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Feathering the light is based on the concept that the middle part of your beam of light is the strongest, and the edge of your beam is weaker. Try feathering your video light by directing the harsh light away from your couple. Since the harsh light is not directly pointed at your couple, it appears as a softer and more balanced light source.

So, there you have it! These simple video light tricks are all you need to shine in your wedding photography career. With a little creativity, they can be used as a constant light source, highlight important details, adjust brightness, control color temperature, or create interesting effects. However, if you want to learn more, there are plenty of video lighting tutorials available online to help you with lighting setup procedures and other useful hacks. Don't let poor lighting drag down your photos – grab some video lights and put your creativity to the test!

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