As you build your social schedule for Instagram, what do you use to give you insights into your account’s performance? In our guide about Instagram and how you can best use it for your business, we discuss the many techniques you can use to attract followers and encourage engagement. As a professional wedding photographer, you’ll want to use an Instagram business account to promote your brand and measure your activity. By tracking and measuring your Instagram efforts, you’ll discover what works best for your account, and how you can maximize interaction on your posts. What program is suited to help you evaluate your Instagram strategy?

Iconosquare Review

While there are different ways to analyze and review your Instagram account, Iconosquare is a platform that provides you with the information to monitor and adjust techniques for your photography Instagram account. We’ve put together an Iconosquare review, and here are 8 reasons Iconosquare for Instagram is worth your time.

1. Learn What to Post

For your business account, you may already have a strategy in place for what you post. But what do your followers like the best of the images you post? Iconosquare informs you of what your followers enjoy the best on your account, which allows you to make decisions on what type of posts you should continue to schedule. When you post images your followers love, the photos have a better chance to get more likes, and you can establish an effective account.

2. Find Out When to Post

When you discover what type of images your followers like the most, it is also necessary to find out when your followers are the most interactive. Perhaps your followers are active in the morning on weekends, and on the evenings during the weekday. Iconosquare shares when your followers are online, which helps you pick the best times and days to post images on your Instagram account.


3. Schedule Posts in Advance

As you work to grow your following and build connections on your Instagram business account, consistency is key. With your busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to craft and share posts individually, especially while you are on the go. To stay efficient and on top of your Instagram strategy, it is necessary to create and schedule posts in advance. Iconosquare has this ability, which helps you remain consistent and top of mind with your followers. Plus, after you schedule your posts on your desktop, Iconosquare sends you a notification from the app to your mobile device to remind you to post.

4. App or Desktop Experience

As we mentioned above, Iconosquare gives you the option of using the program on desktop and through the app. While it is valuable to have a program you can pull up on your desktop as you track analytics and work on your strategy, having a mobile app gives you the benefits of flexibility and quick responses. Rather than waiting to see how an Instagram post performed until you are back in your studio, you can utilize the Iconosquare app on your mobile device.

5. Interact with Audience

If you want to maximize your account and encourage interaction from followers, you also need to interact with your audience. The more you interact with your followers, the easier it will be for you to create connections and meet clients for your business. Because it takes much of your time to interact on Instagram, you need to find solutions to help you reach out to followers wherever you are. Iconosquare gives you the ability to like followers’ images, comment on their photos, and reply to their messages from your computer. This is a great time-saver since you can more quickly comment and interact on your computer than you might with your phone. You can keep on top of your interaction, and continue to encourage your followers to do the same.

6. Review Gained and Lost Followers

Another way for you to see what your followers like best on your account is to find out what posts help you gain followers, or which posts may contribute to the loss some followers (which happens to everyone). Iconosquare gives you insight into when you lose or gain followers in relation to what you post. This is really helpful for you and your strategy, so you know what types of posts to share with your followers to keep them engaged. It can also help you know which hashtags or geotags to include on posts to attract the right followers to your account.

7. Add Instagram Galleries

On your photography website, you likely have plugins in place to showcase your images from past weddings. Since you might have a different schedule for posts on Instagram after they are edited by a wedding photo editing company, you should incorporate a plugin that allows your followers to easily see the photos you share on your account. Iconosquare allows you to add a WordPress plugin for Instagram so your photos appear on your website or blog, which means you may have more interaction from your website and blog to your Instagram business account.

8. Monitor Posts

Even when you have a strategic plan in place for your account, not every post may be your most popular (which is okay). Because Instagram can be a crucial part of your social media strategy, it is necessary for you to stay informed on what works best for your account. Iconosquare allows you to monitor your posts on a daily basis, so you know what works right away. You can also keep track of other photographers and what trends are most popular for them. Although you are an individual photographer with a unique style, the data from other photographers’ strategies can help you gain insights into what to try for your account.

Once you incorporate a program like Iconosquare into your business, you give yourself the opportunity to make informed decisions based on accurate data and statistics. The choices you make for your Instagram business account allow you to reach additional clients and make connections with followers you currently have. What other techniques can you use to attract and book wedding clients from Instagram? Our free guide, Instagram for the Wedding Photographer, offers advice from pro wedding photographers. Click the banner below to grab it today!

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